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 Talismans - tilsumi

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PostSubject: Talismans - tilsumi   Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:06 pm

Talismans, tilsum or tilisum, menas precious, dedicated item... In Arabic language, when the word tilsim, written in the original, read in reverse it would read musala-lat, which means pest, so the word itself is tilsim, considered by some magic authorities, that's why a word written in reverse since the item it signifies has the task to repel a possible demon attack. It is usually a short, but powerful content, written in numbers and secret letters (symbols), which are often underlined. Strength and efficiency of the talisman usually depends on the one creating them. If that person knows secret teachings, if they correctly use the technique of construction, and if they know astrology and the most efficient content which are written; if he performs a job in the spirit of religion - professionally and piously - then the preparation of the talisman will work argumentatively, will have full meaning and will fully reach its goal.

By everything previously written it is easy to conclude that science about talismans or ilmultilsum is one of the most challenging magical discipline, since it requires from the practitioner a lot of knowledge and familiarity with spiritual secrets. In an occult manual, after a detailed description of the rules and guidelines, there is a warning at the end: "During the performance of this kind of work one may not leave out anything. If you make a mistake or leave something out all your efforts will be in vain!".

Besides theoretical and practical part, the construction of talismans is based on numerous rules and detailed use of a special way of converting letters into numbers which is called abjad hisab, which in fact represents the very core of talisman religion. In Iranian magical tradition there is an interesting method of figuring out on which material the talisman needs to be constructed: after the wish is converted onto abjad hisab, for example love, the obtained sum is divided by the number 3. If the final number is 1 - tilsum needs to be engraved onto copper, iron, silver, gold, etc. If after we subtraction we receive number 2 - the talisman is written onto paper, and if the final number is 3 - the talisman is written onto animal skin.

Although, as we find out, success with talisman magic depends on numerous items we mustn't forget to mention the rule on selection of the ideal time for work. We specially note to avoid certain unlucky days which exist in every Arabic/lunar month: 3, 5, 13, 16, 21, 24, 25. These days are considered especially negative since there are special hours so called hours of the Jinn where one of the seven dangerous demon winds blow. The magi which is familiar with the hours of the winds can use their power and make a very powerful black magic spell.

Surely, among the more important items of the talisman magic is determining menazilul kamar (moon house) i.e. one of the 28 stations in which the moon is located. The one that is especially important is the one called Al-Butain whose period represents an ideal time for creating magic, talismans and magical squares, especially the ones from the domain of love magic. Similarly, Al-Butain is suitable for rituals dedicated to wealth, for opening destiny (luck), spells for recovery, etc.

Before you begin with the construction of talismans, especially if it is made to realise a love desire, the magi must, through analysis of astrological profiles of two persons discern how compatible they actually are i.e. in what relation and position their planets and horoscope signs are. With talismans one needs to be careful since they can cause a lot of issues to the person using them, if the talisman itself is not in accordance with certain rules connected to it. For example, if there is misunderstanding and conflict between two people, the first thing that the magi must do is find the cause of the misunderstanding by analysing the influence of the stars and zodiac signs. If it turns out that the reason for the fight is the lack of harmony between the planets a certain talisman is built. When the talisman is completed it needs to be hidden in the vicinity of the house where it won't be exposed to the influence of water. The purpose of this talisman is to stimulate the betterment of the relationship between the man and the woman. It doesn't have any effects if same sex conflict is in question.
The interesting thing when it comes to the use of this talisman is the fact that this talisman must not be created for invalids, people with epilepsy, or people who are married but have extramarital relationships. Similarly, the client must not be a thief nor can he consume swine meat.

If there are misunderstandings between two persons that love each other, and the conflicts are not caused by their will, a special talisman is being used whose effect will be shown in the next seven days. Besides it bringing peace between the spouses, this talisman is used for disease, bad luck, hunger, poverty, death of children, etc. But, if it is used for other purposes the talisman will cause a lot of issues to the owner in all walks of life.
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PostSubject: Re: Talismans - tilsumi   Fri Feb 27, 2015 7:19 am

Ideal for magic but also against magic

Talisman's are dualistic, they can equally be used for both positive and negative goals. Similarly, one can neutralise black magic with the aid of talismans. One of the great mages Ibn Hadž described his encounter with the ruler of the strongest Jinn, known under the name Ifrit's, king Dehmuš during which he revealed to the mage the best way to cancel all type of magic.

-"A couple of years ago I spoke to the king of the numerous Jinn - Dehmuš. I asked him about the symptoms which are characteristic for persons that have magic cast unto them. He replied: There are 30 types of magic "after he swore by Allah and Solomon that he won't lie, Dehmuš said: "Person that is spellbound is like a house whose door is locked. Is there another way to enter the house without unlocking the door with a key?" he asked - "There is no other way". I replied. He continued with the questions: "If a man stings himself on a thorn or is pierced by an arrow, will the pain pass before the thorn or arrow are taken out from the body?" - "No, it will not pass", I replied. The king of the Ifrit told me: "Oh, Ibn Hadžadž, before all else, for all types of magic one needs a high level of seriousness and correctness during the creation of spells". After the Jinn king revealed all types of magic to him, Ibn Hadž asked him: "Oh Dehmuš! What is the cure for these types of magic?" Dehmuš shook his head. - "Describe to me and make known to me the remedies used against such magic", I told him. After which Dehmuš replied: "Magic can only be cured and neutralised with the help of talismans."
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Talismans - tilsumi
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