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PostSubject: SIHR-MAGIC   Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:55 pm

Generally the term Sihr describes a range of terms which are known to us as magic, including various methods of oracles, the use of different objects and signs, medicinal plants, assembling spells, manufacturing talismans and notations, and communicating with supernatural forces. During the long history of magic which begins in the drab of mankind we find depicted walls of the caves in Altamira, Spain, where the primitive man drew figures of punctured wild animals wanting to influence that way his hunting skills and to strengthen his hunting capabilities. In paganism, the first form of religion, magic played a central role and by virtue of it and through spells performing magic rituals the priests and priestesses addressed the gods and spirits of nature. Later with the advent of monotheism, the history of magic continues with the stories about Adam and his daughter Anak, then Solomon or the Persian ruler of magic and the world of King Jamshid all the way to Iblis and his daughter Baidah, the angels Harut and Marut, etc.

Today we reliably know that no religion can exist without magic because without it the religion could not exist nor could it be accepted by the people. The things that fascinated and inspired man for ages and ever since his origin, are the miracles and supernatural phenomena before which he recedes and prostrates himself. If we look at the stories of the three messengers of God Mosses, Jesus and Mohammed we will notice magical or miraculous legends. In the case of Mosses the division of the ocean is nothing else but a copy of the much older Egyptian myth in which one of the pharaoh's wizards splits a lake into two before the spellbound people. Satan's temptation of Jesus in the desert is a classical description of an ancient wizard who evokes and communicates with demons. Muhammad's banishment of the devil also points to a similar myth.


The whole system of Arabian magic is founded on the age old beliefs of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Persia which were developed in details and they encompassed magical sciences like astrology, numerology, spiritualism, necromancy and the like. A conformation of this claim is easy to be found reading various perscriptions from Arabic magic books. In bewitching a husband to be bound, Sihr is left in the oven over night. An oven for bread was dedicated to the goddess Ishtar who ruled over love, fertility and motherhood. Also her metal was copper, a frequent material for production of talismans. In another medicine for love in the list of the names of the Jinn that are being called upon, the name Shamash is mentioned, the ancient god of the sun, etc. It would be interesting to mention the symbol of the pentagram or the five sided star probably the most famous symbol of the Arabic occult tradition, which represented the god Anubis in the ancient Egypt. Besides this, the use of vefk's (magical square) began on the territory of today's Syria. From all of the above it is easy to conclude that magic has never been absent from mans conscience and that the methods and techniques that were used 7000 years ago still exist today, comprehended in a more assimilated, modern way.
Two ways to get knowledge about magic
From ancient times, magical knowledge was acquired in two ways- through books and through an oral tradition. The first way can be called elite, because obtaining knowledge that way was available only to a handful of chosen people who were acquainted with the mystical arts through teachings about using mysterious forces embodied in the names Allah, magical alphabet and vekf's. Traditional transmission of magical knowledge to family members was the most frequent way of initiating into the supernatural. This way can be considered as better, and more useful than the previous one because the knowledge and experience that is gathered over generations is a measurable source of wisdom and power unlike obscure texts and formulas from ancient authors that are protected.
Another important factor that vindicates the above mentioned, is the acquisition of the necessary permit for spiritual work from a teacher-forerunner which is after all one of the key elements for occult work.

How does Sihr work?

Today when occultism and clairvoyance are experiencing their renaissance, various untrue stories and misinformations are being spread about magic. The lowest form of magic- sorcery is being hit the hardest. Even though serious spiritualists avoid this form because it represents succumbing to low passions and impulses, it is the main reason for the bad reputation of occultism. At the very beginning it is important to say that we are talking about manipulation of the uninformed masses who are fed lies through newspapers and shallow books about something that might be called "house magic" where an unhappy wife needs to give her husband three drops of menstrual blood in his coffee or to touch him with spellbound honey and a miracle will take place. Those are notorious absurdities that are of no use and they should be considered as fairy tales and romantic prescription that were made up by old ladies while they were knitting socks.
If we consider this logically, any person that has made a blood transfusion would be incurably in love with the donor because as these prescriptions claim, the person that drinks a couple of drops of blood from your pinky will be madly in love with you. If magic (sorcery) was that easy wouldn't it be logical then that everyone would use sihr's on one another, and they wouldn't do anything else? Because it wouldn't be necessary.
Real magic only works in the hands of an experienced individual who is familiar with the first law of magic, namely: in the world of magic nothing comes for free, everything has a price. In other words this would mean that for every service that we expect we need to do a counter service. To whom? To spiritual beings (Jinn) who are the backbone of magic. Without their help no magic has an effect. According to spiritual laws a magi or a magician can influence another person through his Jinn if he manages to find out his name, namely, every man has his copy in the spiritual world (Karin) that directly influences him through his subconscious. If the magi succeeds to dominate the human copy in the spiritual world then he has control over that man. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to influence another person through magic but they are all based on the contact with the spiritual beings.
Besides this every initiate into the Arabian occultism knows that a large number of magical operations are subject to astrology. Namely, every successful magical operation has in its own basis a positive astrological influence which is shown through some of the planets in the astrological clock or the zodiac sign. In accordance with that, for all magical influences a culprit can be found in the position of certain planets. By this we mean Saturn, Pluto and Neptune whose influence is the strongest when he is in the 8th house a symbol of the magical and the occult. Of course the positions of other planets are also important in determining magical influences. Red or love magic can be easily traced by following the position of Venus, whose influence can be seen through Fridays and its astrological clocks because most love rituals are based on them.
There are many ways in which humans can return favors to ghosts, namely; to pray to them, reading verses from the Quran, doing some religious practices for the Jinn (if we are talking about Jinn believers), doing dishonest things (if we are talking about Jinn that are atheist), there were cases that a male Jinn or a female Jinn which is in contact with the magi wishes the magi as his intimate partner and (supernatural) intimate contacts take place, sometimes they go so far to have a supernatural marriage and such.
How this communication between the Jinn and the Magi look like is best illustrated by this Turkish description of the ceremony of magic. When some girl is not returning affection to some boy who has been in love with her for a long time, feelings of love obsession are developed in him which prompt him to seek help from some powerful magician.
The whole process of sorcery is done in several parts and the first one is of course the classical "looking into the stars" to discover all the similarities between the male and the female on the basis of personal data. The practical part of the ritual begins on Friday, after the nightly prayers, when the magi goes to the house of the boy and sits next to the fire place. Holding in his hand salt and speaking some Jinn spells or azamet he throws it into the fire. As soon as the salt starts cracking the magi pronounces the names of the boy and the girl, than he speaks bismillah and spits into the fire.
Pronouncing spells with the salt is only the introduction into the serious part of the ritual, namely, after reading a verse from the Quran, he takes seven candles and places them in different spots around the fire place and in the end he lights them. That way creating ideal conditions for his occult work, he starts calling forth the Jinn pronouncing the verse Jinn. In a very short time the Jinn start arriving in the room, sitting around the lit candles waiting for the magi's orders.
The magi knows that he cannot hurry with his orders, therefore he draws seven triangles around the fire place and in everyone of them he writes a magical word "Hu". He repeats seven times the azimet walking around the house, blowing after every repetition. As soon as he stops next to a candle the magi loudly calls out the girls name continuing with the words "ya eyyuhelervah" blowing to his left and right side.
With this he indicates the last part of his ritual when the orders are given to the Jinn and where he follows the events that he has set in motion with his magical operations. Before that he puts out one candle uttering the following words in Arabic: "You Jinn, bring me the soul of this candle, the girl is asleep." And then he puts out the rest of the candles.
The above mentioned ritual is repeated seven nights in a row. On the last night the magi writes the name of the girl on the boy's chest with a dark ink, giving a warning that no one can see that. By the magi's instruction the boy has to encircle the girl's house three times, three nights in a row while the magi tracks the condition of the Jinn that is in charge of the task. Seven days after the above described is done, the souls of the boy and the girl will be united and she will start to love the boy, for whom she never had any feelings.
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PostSubject: Magic squares - المربعات السحرية    Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:57 pm

Historians of occultism believe that the magical square (al-waqf or vafk, vefk) was first introduced by the people of ancient Egypt and India believing that it represents a strong symbol that protects from all evil. For that reason they carried it like an amulet, and also carved the symbol above the door and all other places that they wanted to protect. Later, the squares were used by the Arabian astrologers for the production of natal horoscopes and therefore taking another important place.
The whole science about magical squares and seals (khatam) drains its knowledge from "ilm ul-huruf" which means science of letters.

These are only some of the 27 rules for the production of magical squares and triangles(waqf):

-One shouldn't eat too much, the stomach mustn't be laden with food
-One should avoid eating foods of animal origin
-One should avoid eating foods that have an unpleasant smell, like onions, garlic, etc.
-The things on which a waqf will be produced must be well taken care of
-For each waqf there is a qasem (curse, wish) and it should be pronounced during the creation of the talisman
-One should have clean clothes, clean body and a clean place where the waqf will be created. Also care must be taken that the material necessary for writing is in order (pen, ink, place where the inscription is made, etc.)
-One must face the holly city of Mecca.

Magic squares of these varieties are used as love charms, to create enmity, to cause men to be silent regarding another, to prevent dreaming, and to cast out devils. In northern India they are used to cure various diseases, to cause butter to increase in the churn, or milk in a woman or in a cow, to remove cattle disease, to make fruit-trees give their fruit, to make a husband obey his wife.
In southern India, when used as love charms they are written about the time of the new moon, the best days being Fridays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and the best hours during which Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus are dominant. For all purposes magic squares are written on a porcelain plate or on paper, the inscription being washed off and drunk.
Among the Memans of Gujaret, in a case of spirit possession, the Sayid asks the patient to send him daily a white china plate, on which he writes with saffron magic squares, figures, or chapter 113 of the Koran (Kur'an), the writing being dissolved in water and drunk.

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PostSubject: Talisman   Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:58 pm

The English word ' talisman ' and its equivalents of some other European languages also come from an Arabic word tilisam or tilsam. One need not conclude from these words, that the belief in amulets or talisman went to the West from the East to Europe from Arabia after the Arab conquest of Spain and a great part of Europe.

Talisman, Tilsum or Tilisum, basically means precious, sanctified item. If you would read the word Tilisim backwards in the Arabic language, it would read Musal-lat, which means obsession which may lead one to think that a Talisum is used for defense against ghosts but also for controlling them. Similar to that, the Bosnian word hamajlija or amulet is derived from the Arabic word Hamail "the thing that is carried around one's neck" which is very similar to the Persian word Shamail (Schamail) which means "sacred picture".

According to Ibn Haldun the Tilsum signifies a magical system based on the knowledge of sacred scripts (letters), sigils, names of the Angels and Jinn that one can pronounce and in that way accomplish one's goals. Therefore the Tilsum has a role of an intermediary between the magi on the one side and the occult on the other.

We are usually talking about short but powerful talismans, done with the help of numbers which are usually underlined. Those are usually coded contexts combined with numbers and letters which can be clearly and accurately deciphered by only a few. Talismans or Tilsums, according to our knowledge, contain in them magical words, dates, hours, minutes, the name of the creator of the Tilsum and the name of the one for whom the Tilsum is made. In short, the whole point of the talisman is contained in that code.

In creation of the Tilsum a central role is taken by writing or using the names of certain spiritual beings whose strength and obedience should be the guaranty for the efficiency of each one. For example, in the Tilsum whose purpose is to cure a man or to free a man from the possession, the name of the Jinn doctor Fqtsh must be included. Besides him other names are frequently written, like al-Qarineh and Umm es-Subjan. In very powerful Tilsums the names of "four heads" or four helpers is mentioned: Mazar, Kamtam, Qasurah and Taykal which serve the four Jinn rulers: Al-Ahmar, Mudhib, Schamhurish and Murrah. Sometimes a Tilsum can be used to drive away or distance the Jinn's from a certain place. For example, when one wants to protect the home form the attacks of the evil Jinn, one writes the names of the seven sleepers on a piece of paper: Ashabul Kahf and their dog Kitmir and then one hangs the paper on a wall in the house.

The talismans can be used for positive or negative purposes, depending on the wanted outcome. In accordance with that the use of talismans is widespread and therefore they can be carried in a pocket, around the neck, placed on a wall of a house, burned in a fire, buried in the ground or a grave, etc.

To cancel out the power of a malicious Tilsum which is found in one's vicinity, above it one needs to pronounce the following verse 70 times during the night, and after that the Tilsum is thrown into a fire. The prayer for canceling out the Tilsum is as follows: "Subhaneke la ilahe illa ente jarabbi kulli shey'in ve varisuhi la ilahe illa rafiu jelle jelaluhi ya giyasi inde kullu shiddetin ve mujibu inde kullu davetin ebhii sirri ve bi sirri ya Allah".

Arabic talisman

In almost all of the books on Arabic magic, dozens and sometimes even whole chapters of love spells and talismans were present. What is especially characteristic for such texts is the constant warnings of the author to the reader to fear Allah and not to use the revealed secrets for achieving one's evil goals. Some authors suggest to the readers which spell is the strongest, and so Ibnil Hajj Tilmisanil in his book Sumusul envar reveals the most powerful spell for gaining someones love. For that purpose, during midnight when the zodiac sign of cancer is the most dominant, write out the talisman using blood of a pigeon and then to fumigate it with the blood of the dead bird. Before that one must catch the bird Partridge and hold it captive until Tuesday and the hour of Mars. Then you must tie the talisman to the birds right wing and set her free. According to Ibnil Hajji Tilmisanil this spell is so powerful that the targeted person can become very ill because of it.

Talisman's along with knot making are the most powerful love magic in the Arabic culture. Most of the mentioned rituals are practiced according to ancient rules of the Middle Eastern occultism-always at the beginning of some Arabic month. In a dimmed room filled with thick smoke of incense and other fragrances, in complete solitude, a magician dressed in all white writes using an ink, made out of saffron or blood, on a piece of paper the mystic letters and formulas constantly repeating the names of the targets of his spells calling invisible creatures to his aid. If his spell is based on subjugating the Jinn in order to fulfill a wish then that sort of magic is always finished with powerful statements such as: Hurry! Quickly! At once!

If, however the magician is calling forth Allah and his angels then at the end he utters with deep respect the following words at the end of the talisman: "this talisman is for N the son of N"- the name of the mother is uttered- Allah please direct your angels to fulfill my wish. God you are certainly above everything, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. There is no power or strength...In this case the talisman is not written in blood but in "Arabic ink" (Saffron) or a special ink is made out of saffron, incense and rose water.

The belief that knot binding can produce a magical effect originates from the old Babylonians who cured certain diseases that way and they connected lovers, caused impotence in men, etc. Because all Middle Eastern magical beliefs are imbued with ancient Mesopotamian elements it is no wonder why such a practice is still popular today. When one wishes to cause love in one person, one takes seven threads of silk of different color. All threads are connected together and then seven knots are tied on the threads. During the tying of each knot the "names of the moon" are uttered seven times and Ruusu erbayi. As with every other ritual one must take care of the time when the ritual is performed, when the moon is in the position of one of the fixed signs. The thread is then bound in a piece of wolf skin and is given to the targeted person. In a very short time the bearer of that talisman will fall in love with the one for whom the talisman was created and an emotional relationship will form.

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PostSubject: Spell - عرافة    Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:00 pm

The most popular magic is of course the one that is called red magic or love magic. It is used today by millions of people to improve their love life, to win back their partner, to evoke feelings in somebody or to just become more attractive. But love magic is not just a target of interest of anonymous people, it has been used by many past celebrities like Jacqueline Bouvier the widow of Kennedy and Onassis who had three witches that helped her, one was in New York, the other in Athens and the third one in Paris. Other celebrities were also seeking the help of those who knew how to create love magic, namely Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Robert Redford, Sean Connery, Catherine Deneuve, Rita Hayworth, Petula Clark, Brigit Bardot, Merlin Monroe etc. Naturally, today the need for the occult is even more pronounced in celebrities, a desire to be famous, rich, protected, loved or to know ones future transformed magic into a large industry that has a yearly turnover of one million Euros.

In the world today the three most famous magic's are: Arabian, Gipsy and Voodoo which have a lot of similarities but also a lot of differences. They all have in common the immense ritualistic strength as well as the ability to annul themselves with humans. In the following passages we will show the easiest way to master love magic from the Arabian occult tradition and how to use it to keep your partner, better the relations in marriage, seduce a person that you fancy, disable cheating in marriage, etc.
The whole system of love magic that comes from the Arabian lands is based on the practice of building talismans, amulets, binding knots and summoning Jinn's. The source of this magical practice derives from ancient Egypt which is still considered as the cradle of magic. The Egyptian magic is regarded as the most powerful magic, this is understood from the numerous writings and records about miraculous events in the courts of the pharaoh as well as the fascinating rituals that were done by the priests of this land. An important contribution to magic and its perusal we owe to ancient Persia (Iran) and their priests known as Magi from which the word magic and magician is derived, one who practices magic.
Arabian love magic is done by tracking the lunar system or the Arabian months that is the time when the new moon is visible. All love magic is done during particular days in a week and at that time when it is most suitable. If this rule is not observed there will be no results. The old Arabian occultists claim that the most successful magic is done during the first days of Arabian months, before sunrise, on some high point or some hill. Also it is necessary to know that the hours of Jupiter, Sun and Venus are assigned for every kind of love magic. All other planets and their hours should be avoided if one wishes to see results.
It is also very important to know some astrological rules by which zodiac signs and their planets are matched. Namely, as love magic and all magic in general is subject to the influence of the planets all those who wish to see results must obey the given instructions. If the planets and the astrological signs are in friendly relations then the talisman or the spell must be done in an exact day and an exact hour of the given planet. However, if the planets and the signs are in a malignant position towards one another, then one should drop his wish. This means that magic cannot be made for everyone and therefore it cannot work on everyone.

Something similar exists in Bosnian magic. When a witch wants to create love magic that is to bring together two persons, she first needs to find out if this is possible by divination. After she has taken a large branch of hawthorn (Crataegus Oxyacantha) she then splits it into three parts of equal length. Then she waits for the fire in the fire place to tone down and then she places one branch upright into the ember which she names as the person she wishes to put her spell upon. The next branch she places right next to the first one, on its left side, in the hot ember 5 inches apart and names it as the person for whom she is creating the spell, and the third branch she places on the right side of the first one with the same distance apart but she doesn't name it. Then she watches to see what will happen. If the branch, the one she named as the person for whom she is creating the magic, falls as it is burning in the middle (named as the person she wishes to put her spell upon) then she is certain that her magic will succeed. However, if it happens that the un-named branch falls in the middle then it is clear that the magic will have no effect.

Friends are: Saturn and Mars, Jupiter and Moon, Mars and Venus, Sun and Mercury, Venus and Moon, Mercury and Venus, Moon and Jupiter.
Enemies are: Saturn and Sun, Jupiter and Venus, Mars and Mercury, Sun and Moon, Venus and Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, Moon and Mars
Friends are: Aries and Gemini, Taurus and Cancer, Gemini and Leo, Cancer and Taurus, Leo and Gemini, Virgo and Scorpio, Libra and Sagittarius, Scorpio and Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, Capricorn and Fish, Aquarius and Aries, Fish and Taurus.
Enemies are: Aries and Cancer, Taurus and Leo, Gemini and Fish, Cancer and Aries, Leo and Taurus, Virgo and Sagittarius, Libra and Capricorn, Scorpio and Aquarius, Sagittarius and Fish, Capricorn and Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio, Fish and Gemini.

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PostSubject: Amulet - طلسم    Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:01 pm

All sorts of things are used as amulets in Arabian world, and their use is justified by the saying of Mohammed himself (Misbkat, 21:1): „ There in no wrong in using charms and spells so long as you do not associate anything with God“.

Because of the lack of translations of the Arabic occult literature, the western culture knows very little about the facts and origin of many magical symbols which can be found in most of the rituals that are performed today. Most of the symbols that we come across in rituals of various magical schools are of an Egyptian origin and no one should wonder that Egypt has been the cradle of magic and the occult from its early days.

The hexagram or the six-pointed star is an Arabic symbol which was used in the 18th century by the Jewish family Rothschild with the intent of making it a symbol of Judaism calling it the "Star of David". But the origin of the hexagram needs to be found in the ancient Egypt cult of magic and wizardry. That is the reason why we see this symbol in a lot of the Arabic talismans and amulets.

Similar mistakes are found in the name "Seven Signs of Solomon" which have nothing to do with this magician king. The origin of these signs was best described by the grand Arabic occultist, Ahmad ibn Ali al-Buni:

The first of the seven signs is the five-pointed star, the old Arabic symbol of protection, one of the favorite and most widespread which is seen in the fact that Islam still holds on to it, whose symbol is crescent moon and a star.

The second sign contains two vertical lines and one wavy line. Its meaning is not completely known.

The third sign is actually the letter Mim, the first letter of the name Muhammad.

The fourth sign represents the ladder, which according to al-Buni represent closeness to God.

The sixth and the seventh sign are the letters Ha and Waw which, when combined form the word Huwa or He, one of the symbols of God in the Qur'an.

Al-Buni believes that these seven signs represent the supreme name of Allah and according to that each talisman and amulet that are written or etched with these symbols ensure God's protection and power.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina there is a long tradition of wearing amulets, which are called “hamajlija” (amulet). They are shorter or longer texts from the Quran written on a piece of paper where a picture of a magic square is present (wakf, vefk) and at the end of the text the name of the owner is written. Talismans were worn for various reasons such as the protection from sickness and as a cure but mostly because they provide immunity to the wearer.

When someone wants to get an amulet they go to a Hodja (Mullah) who uses the system of Arabic astrology and numerology, also known as “Ebdjed Hisab”, and turns the name of that person along with the name of his mother into their numerical equivalents and divides it by the number 12. When he receives the final number he then writes the corresponding text. Every amulet begins with the words: “Bismilahir rahmanir rahim” and continues with some prayer, usually it is the first verse of the Quran, El-Fatiha. The constituent part of any good amulet is the magical square or Wakf whose content is made up of a sequence of numbers, Allah’s names or short quotations from the Quran.

In Velika Kladuša an amulet is written for nine days before the appearance of the new moon. When the whole text is completed the paper is folded into a shape of a triangle and sown in a red fabric. Beforehand a leaf of rue (Ruta graveoles) or a piece of yew or tisovina (Taxus baccata) or three beans of coffee are placed inside the amulet. In the past the amulet was encased in metal and sown inside of a rabbits skin.

It is interesting to mention that the amulet has a fascinating effect on the wearer. If the wearer is under the influence of black magic, soon after he has started wearing the amulet around his neck a harmful sensation will befall him, for example chest pain, nightmare, etc. That is a positive sign that evil has been neutralized. Also this is the crucial moment when the amulet and the wearer have bonded.

Amulets were mostly worn by children, according to the ethnological data collected during the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the majority of Bosnian children wore an amulet sown on the top of their fez, shaped like a triangle and sown inside a red fabric, so that it can protect them from spellbound eyes o which children are most susceptible to. In such an amulet a standard prayer that was written in it was a prayer from the Quran called Ali’Imran, using an ink made out of rose water mixed with musk and saffron. Amulets were also worn by pregnant women so that they can be protected from spellbound eyes and to prevent a possible loss of the offspring. Besides this a red sting was tied around children’s arms or a small shell was sown on their hats to annul every influence of spellbound eyes.

A classical amulet was often worn in a triangular metal box which is called “Mahfaza” whose shape also had a symbolical meaning. Namely, each side of the triangle symbolized a verse from the Quran: “I am God!", "There is no God but me”, “No one truly knows what I am.” In Bosnia and Herzegovina since the old ages amulets connected to war are also known, they are called “En’am”, named after the same prayer in the Quran, these amulets were worn by soldiers going to war.

Besides written amulets in Bosnia we find various objects- amulets; a wolf’s tooth was worn by feeble and scared children, a figurine of a frog made out of silver were worn by women who wanted to be protected against gynecological issues or they wore a silver plate on which it was written “Mashalla”. Out of herbal amulets, garlic, leaf of rue or a piece of yew were used, and from the animal amulets, thorns from a hedgehog, a rabbits foot, a wing from a bat, etc. Besides the need to protect himself from evil, man also wanted to protect his animals. For protection purposes a red fabric was tied to a tail of a cow, a wooden spoon was used for horses, or a small amulet was written and placed on the horns of the animal.

Besides people and animals, material goods were also protected from evil. In the past in Bosnia and Herzegovina a lot of attention was given to the protection of the house from black magic and spellbound eyes, to keep peace and happiness inside the house. Along time ago the practice was to write Allah’s name “Ya Hafiz”, which means “God Protector”, on the house doors, especially in Sarajevo. The name was written in Arabic in golden letters on a dark background. The amulet doesn’t only have the power to protect a human or a house from black magic, its scope of action is much larger and it can, among other things, protect its owner from negative propaganda and crooks. For that reason an owner would write the following on his house: “I said, and swore to Allah that I will do X.” After that he would take four pieces of paper and write on each one of them, one name of the four great Angels: Azrail, Jibrail, Israfil and Mikail and he would place these papers in four corners of the house.

In Bosnia we encounter various beliefs about amulets, and these are the most popular ones; it is believed that an amulet can lose its protective power if it is punctured by a sowing needle. In the same manner the amulet has no power of protection if its owner drinks or eats a spell in his drink or food, it protects man only from external influences, whether they be material or astral origin.


Write the following: „In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Gracious. „Surely We have given to you a clear victory, that Allah may forgive you your past faults and those to follow and complete His favor to you and keep you on a right way; and that Allah might help you with a mighty help. He it is Who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers that they might have more of faith added to their faith. And Allah's are the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is knowing, wise“.

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