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 Jinn - الجن

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PostSubject: Jinn - الجن    Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:04 pm

It is very hard to find any adequate information about the Jinn and their world as well as their role in magical rituals. Today's available sources consist mostly out of religious literature and web sites which, according to their definition don't offer any data except one and the same transcription and repetition. The story about the Jinn is of course something more than that and it is very interesting and no matter how much text is written about them it will never be enough to describe their miraculous world and all of the beliefs that go with them. To write about them in a realistic way one needs to use both religious and magical data because the real truth is somewhere in between.
As we are thought by theology Jinn's are demons made out of flames of a smokeless fire, thousands of years before the creation of the first man. "And He created Jinn's from fire free of smoke:" (Surah Rehman, verse no.15:). The transmission says that God, while creating the world first created the vast sees and then Jinn's to quarry diamonds from them. Because they were created from fire they also have a fiery temper which is unstable and abrupt. Their emotions are more expressed than the emotions of the humans which explains their unstoppable urge to take revenge if they are wronged. The same is true for their love emotions. Some authors believe that Jinn's are the former demons of the desert from various Arabian tribes which received new characteristics when Islam arrived. There are two sources about the origin of their name. According to the first version "ginn" is an Arabian word which is a root of "ganana-ganna" which means "hide" or "conceal". Another source claims that Jinn derive from the old Zarathustrian religion of dualism where one believed in women Jaine or Jahi. In our region we meet various names for the Jinn- the Albans say "dreć", Gypsies "beng", in Sanjak you can hear the name "konđolos" etc.

Humans and Jinn's are inseparable. According to the transmission, when Allah vanquished Adam and Eve from Heaven, he then created a curtain between humans and Jinn's, which were by that time living on Earth, so that their appearance wouldn't frighten the humans. Analyzing various stories and traditions from Bosnian, Turkish and Arabian populations we see various interferences of the Jinn in human lives. In Egypt they believe that Karin, a Jinn copy of a human, occupies the womb of a pregnant woman during the first months of her pregnancy. By a Moroccan transmission a male child is born with 60 Jinn's in his body, while a female child is born pure. But while the male child is growing up he loses a Jinn every year, while the female child gains a Jinn every year. That's why it is believed that women in their 60's have 60 Jinn's in them and that they are in the same rank as them.
Jinn is a demon that has its own character, personality and whimsicality. Like humans Jinn's are also divided in tribes, they also inhabit various locations and they have their own rulers, they get married, have children, they are born and they die. In other words they are a copy of everything that is happening in the human realm. It is considered that there are 70 groups of Jinn which are sub-divided into 70 000 tribes. The servants of the day in a week, or the seven big Jinn's are the rulers of the tribes, they rule over 49 tribes and how much members they have no one knows. The king of all the Jinn is called Malik Gatshan, he lives on the mountain Qaf which encircles the whole world leaning on the stone Sakhrat, according to the transmission it is a big emerald that gives color to the sky. In the east there are 300 thousand servants and only 30 thousand in the west.

The Jinn are mostly active at night, in the middle of the day (afternoon) and during sunset. It is considered that they can harm those that whistle at night, that bathe during sunset or those that enter the places that they inhabit. In some Arabian countries like Mauritania or Algeria there are certain places that are believed to be the summing junction of the Jinn and they are usually avoided by the humans. One of those which are known to the public is Gareth al Djenoun which means the "Mountain of the Jinn's" which has a lot of myths and legends around it. In a lot of the Arabian literature the Jinn are an unavoidable motif and certainly the most famous one "One thousand and one nights" is teeming with the stories of wizards and Jinn's. In one of the stories there is a mention of the Jinn which inhabit the city of roses Shadukiam.
The reason why the Jinn attack humans lies in their nature which is whimsical, vengeful, playful, unpredictable and therefore very dangerous. If they feel that they are challenged, they will possess the person's body causing him pain, without a second thought. They cause various illnesses in humans, from distemper to blindness, infertility, chronic rheumatism, impotency or general paralysis. Not even animals are spared from their attacks, causing them to lose milk and to become infertile. As it is believed the Jinn are the cause of sinister diseases which devastate whole herds, like the cow plague. Through strong winds and sand whirlwinds they can cause harm to crops.

The Jinn reveal themselves to humans in various forms and shapes, but most often they take the form of a dark man, a bird or a dog, a cat, a snake, etc. There were cases, when Jinn want to deceive and manipulate the human senses, that they appeared in the form of someone known or very close to the human. When they take the form of a human they are easily discovered by their eyes which are red and bloody. Every Jinn group has their characteristic way in which they like to reveal themselves to humans, for example: the amrad's like to take the form of a snake, the powerful ifrit's are prone to the form of winged beasts, etc. Besides this the Jinn are also differentiated by their temperament, therefore we have a group called hadi which are very peaceful and calm while on the other hand we have their counterparts in the group hasidi which are very envious and mischievous.
The most dangerous Jinn are the three female demons Umm al-Sibjan which tortures babies, Habobat al-Sughar and Umm al-Juhal whose specialty is to harm children up to two years causing them epilepsy and arrestment. Old books describe these demons as ugly and skinny women. Jinn are also divided by religions, therefore besides Muslim, we have Christian and Jewish Jinn's. Bibjun is a Christian Jinn who causes epileptic seizure in humans. A Jewish Jinn Al-Mukalbe al-Uhud is often called upon by those magicians who want to cause marital distress with their magic. According to the transmission, the Jinn live longer than humans and in some old scriptures we can find data that a Jinn who is thousands of years old is only a baby in our human terms. It is believed that one of the Jinn rulers, Meymun Aba Nuha, is over 7000 years old. Long-life is not just reserved for Jinn champions, there are some Jinn tribes called Munzarun which will live until the end of time.

Jinn attack people very often in a falsehearted way making them absent minded. An especially convenient place to attack humans in the house is the bathroom. The Jinn spend most of their time in there because they enjoy in human nudity. For this reason any human who wants to be protected from this sort of danger should say "bismillah" because it is the invisible cloak for the body which disperses the Jinn. Because the bathroom is such a dangerous place for humans, they should avoid masturbation or sex inside the bathroom. However, Karin or Hamzad has the worst influence on humans because they influence them from an astral level from which all magic is done. It is also mentioned in the Quran: - "And his friend will say: This one, beside me, he is ready" (Kef: Verse 23).

Contact between Humans and Jinn

Communication between humans and Jinn's is possible and we can find examples in both religious and occult books. One of the great Arabian spiritualists Ibn el-Hadj el-Temesani el-Magrebi left very impressive and succinct descriptions of his contacts with the Jinn world in the book "Light of the sun and the treasury of great secrets" from whom he took his knowledge about the occult - "Know, Ye who wishes to know something about it, when Allah lifted the veil between me and the Jinn, I asked spiritual and loyal Jinn, and even the seven blessed and God fearing angels, who came into contact with the Quran over Muhammad (peace be upon him), about everything that is going on in the world. They informed me about it with real facts, without unnecessary prevarication, without any embellishments or impairment."
Jinn didn't communicate willingly, they were bound by the magical oaths and rituals and they had to answer truthfully to all questions that he posed about the world of gajba and its rules: "One day I met seven Jinn in a cave and asked them "What happens to men and women who are under the influence of the Jinn, is it epilepsy, stroke, madness and other illnesses? They all responded. If it wasn't you we would never speak, but there is some bond between us which bounds us, some big names by which you compelled us to acquaint you with the Jinn tribes and their powers (spells)."

Jinn and magic

Every spell works only with the help of spiritual beings and according to that every magi strives to make contact and cooperation with one of them. In Arabian magic, the largest grasp a magi can have, is if he manages to capture one of the servants of magic known as Hudam or Khodam, with his magical rituals. Those magi who are more skilled and who are braver try to set up a contract with one of the Jinn rulers, by which a large gate to a Jinn army will be opened, to the magi, who will be at his service at any time. Namely, according to some data, every Jinn ruler has an army of 800-120 billion under his rule, according to this information it is easy to understand what such a contract would mean to a magi. Of course such a possibility is not free and has its price.
Based on such a Jinn contract the magi has to gratify the rulers sexual appetite by offering him his mother, sister or wife with whom he will have sex while they are asleep. When the Jinn champion gratifies his sexual urges he then bestows the magi with some supernatural powers so that he can perform any magic that he wishes and they include telepathy, travel around the globe in one second, invisibility, detection of hidden treasures, etc.
For the magi to communicate with the Jinn there is no need for a contract or prostitution, it is enough to follow the guidelines of the ancient ceremonies. In the rituals of Daire (exorcism) two Jinn names are commonly mentioned, Tarsh and Tariush, which can be seen in the summoning or Azimet: "Tarsh! Tariush! Descend! Answer! Where did the sultan go with his army? Where is al-Ahmar, the sultan and his army? Answer; you servants of these names!" In this spiritualistic ritual where a child is used as a mediator, the magi can contact the Jinn through the child and ask questions.

The list of Jinn names from various groups and tribes is very long and it is practically impossible to up-date it in a single unit, but following the descriptions and guidelines of various Arabian rituals it is possible to determine the nature of most of the Jinn. Tashyush, Latyush, Dalayush, Tvakapush, Arkapush are examples of good Jinn as opposed to Raahush, Vahyush, Ghayush, Ghafush and others. There are also Jinn that have a varying nature, therefore their behavior depends from their current mood and the purpose of their summoning, like the Jinn Shamyush.
Since the Jinn are connected to magic each one of them has their own function and they are called upon in certain rituals. A Jinn child by the name Zaazui is used in powerful love spells that cause longing and sensuality. When a magi wants to receive a person, he then takes a white brick, puts it in a box and closes it. Then he pronounces magical words (azimet) and opens the box. Inside it he will see a soppy baby. The magi then asks the baby to bring him the person that he asks for and he will return him to his Jinn mother.

Beliefs about the Jinn

In Morocco, the land that has a bad reputation in other Arabic countries because of its non-Islamic customs and habits and which is often called the land of prostitution and magic, there are hundreds of different beliefs about the Jinn. The Moroccans believe that it is not wise to mention the Jinn in everyday speech, therefore they use the word hadouk annas- "those people" or oumaline lamkane which means - "inhabitants of the house", to be on the safe side. Fear of the Jinn in the lands of Maghreb is especially manifested during the 27th night of Ramadan when devils and Jinn are released. During that night people put tar on their feet to escape their wrath. Besides this use, it is believed that tar is good against spellbound eyes. Because the Jinn attack humans in various ways, various measures are taken against them. In case a person has constant nightmares, which is considered as a Jinn's doing, under his pillow we put a dagger and some salt.
In Turkey it is believed that Jinn avoid the smell of garlic (Allium sativum) and therefore it is a necessary prophylactic prop during the first days after birth. Garlic is hanged on the baby's crib and when the baby starts walking it is hanged around his neck. A similar belief is found in Bosnia, grandmothers used to put garlic under the child's pillow to protect them against the Jinn and spells. In Bosnia it is still believed that the wood yew (Taxus baccata) has great power in protecting humans from all the harms that devils and Jinn can cause, besides yew a similar property is ascribed to herb-of-grace (Ruta graveolens), a horse shoe, hawthorn (Crataegus Oxyacantha) and hazel (Corylus avellana).

Names and types of Jinn

Amir's: are the Jinn that live alongside humans. Every year at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, before the holidays, Jinn are released and numerous women in Arabian countries sprinkle salt inside the rooms and hallways saying Bismillahir rahmanir rahim to stop the Jinn from returning inside their homes. In Morocco it is believed that these Jinn's have a habit to replace their children for human children especially if they are born on the same date that the Jinn children are born.

Buduh is the name of the Jinn who fulfills the wishes of humans. It is believed in Arabian culture that the name Buduh has a vast magical power.

Marid: In the Quran we can find the root "marada" - disobedient and a rebel which connects him with the devil, based on other interpretation marid is a dangerous Jinn of immense strength and size. Ummar is a group of Jinn who live anywhere and they are descended from evil Jinn. They can spoil the magi's ritual if he doesn't perform the prophylactic ritual of cleansing and protection.

Hudam: this spiritual being by the definition of the Arabian sages is neither an angel nor a Jinn, but something like a guardian spirit. In front of the humans the Hudam appears in a form of a man who is dressed in white clothes and who has a pretty face. Their nature is passive and they have no sexual urges which further confirms the theory that he is not related to the Jinn. When he is captured by the magi via a magical ritual, he constantly follows the magi. In magical circles a Hudam by the name of Asmak is especially well known, he is extraordinarily powerful and he is willing to serve humans. However, if his owner starts to break religious norms (if he starts to wanton, starts drinking alcohol and other forbidden things) the connection is broken to the detriment of the human.

Muwakkil: this name is given to the spiritual beings that are divided amongst them to good and bad. Those created by Nur (the light) are declared as good and those created by Naari (fire) as bad. Muwakkil of light is considered as guardian angels of the Quran surat, for example the surat Bismillah has two Muwakkil, the surat Ihlas, three, etc. Muwakkil of fire is a special kind of Jinn of immense strength, in this group the Karin are also added.

Hamzaad, Qarin or Karin is a Jinn or astral counterpart which each and every one of us have in the spirit world. Their nature can be positive or negative, depending on the mental state of the human. If the person is more negative, more prone to depression, let downs and laziness then the Karin of that person is negative and will lead that man into vice and problems. Bosnian exorcists believe that Karin is the main culprit behind suicides because thanks to him and his direct effect on the psyche the human decides to go through with such a tragic act.
Karin attacks children the most because they are most vulnerable to their manipulation. It can be concluded how the Karin have more control today over the children who today show no respect towards their parents, they are more prone to foul language, insults and all forms of misconduct. Over such children the Karin has the greatest influence and the consequences of the negative presence of the Jinn are a high rate of juvenile delinquency and crimes in the past decades.
When a Karin sizes control over a child the following symptoms are evident during the night the child starts to move its hands uncontrollably, or even its entire body during sleep or it wakes up suddenly, crying. Sometimes the child is fighting in its sleep and to the onlooker it seems as if it is trying to push something off of itself.
Then come the more evident manifestations of Jinn influence like the fact that during the day the child starts to talk to himself i.e. it seems that way at first however it can at that time see the Karin clearly and has various conversations with it. In the beginning the Jinn calls him to come and play with him in order to get closer to him. During the day the child can only hear the Karin, but during the night it can both see and hear him. The whole time the Karin follows the child and imitates all of his movements and actions.
Karin appears to the child as his twin brother, the only difference between them is that the Karin has a larger head that reaches all the way to the ceiling and six fingers and toes. Karin too like the other Jinn spreads an unpleasant smell around himself, since he doesn't like bathing and cleanliness, and he usually feeds on bones which he searches constantly. This is the only Jinn that isn't afraid of exorcism and the Imam because as an astral twin in the spirit world the Karin cannot be eliminated or removed from the human. That's why he can only be influenced by magical formulas and amulets.


During any day, before sunrise, one needs to recede into solitude and quietness. During that night, the person that wants to contact a Djinn, needs to pray and praise God. During the next day fasting is practiced. Before one starts to fast, which lasts from sunup till sundown one needs to eat unsalted food out of barley, unsalted olives, dried grapes, Dates and a few pieces of fruit and vegetables. Under no circumstances can one consume anything that is of animal origin such as: meat, milk, eggs, honey, etc. When one breaks his fasting, one needs to consume the same. An hour and a half before nightfall one needs to start summoning Djinn by repeating the following prayer a thousand times:

Beshmasheymahin (x2), shamihin ala kulli berahin aksemtu aleyke eyyuhel avnul muin biizeti shemlehin (x2), shemalehin en te'tiyne ve takdi hajeti bihakki sha'shain esh'ashin esh'ushin (x2), barekellahu fiyke ve aleyke ve innehu lekasemun lev ta'lemune azim.

After the prayer is repeated for the last time a Djinn will appear in front of the summoner in a human form. If that happens there is no reason to panic, one needs to go to sleep peacefully. During the night, while the man is sleeping, the Djinn will come and wake him. After a short conversation a contract will be made between them and the Djinn will be bound to a lifelong servitude which includes fulfilling realistic wishes and informing the human about the questions that he sets to the Djinn.
Ancient Arabic wizards warn that if there is no response from the Djinn during the first time, that one must persist and repeat the process a couple of times until a contact is successfully made.

Section on sending Maymoon as a messenger

Write these five names on the fingers of your left hand. The charge is on the inside of your palm. Hold your penis with your left hand and incense with the right hand and recite the names one thousand times. The incense is frankincense and benzoin. These are the names: „Anish x2, Mashlamish x2, Aysh x2, Maqash x2, Kayhoosh x2. Be charged, O servants of these names , do to N. as I am doing from the evening till morning, by right of the burster of days.


When contacting the Jinn, weather it is an exorcism or invocation, it is necessary that the person who is being treated or is invoking the Jinn reaches a state of light trance. In the first case such a state is reached by repeating verses from the Qur'an during which the spiritual being is stirred and for a short time it controls the body because it is panicking, in order to communicate and defend itself. In the second case, the wizard fasts and drains himself of the physical and mental strength and in such a way he creates ideal conditions for communication with a foreign entity.

When a Jinn leaves the wizards body, he slowly comes to his senses, usually feeling empty inside. During the contact of the medium (wizard) with the Jinn the medium feels coldness. Namely, the Islamic theology claims that the Jinn have been created thousands of years before the creation of the first man, the Jinn was created out of fire which is different than the one we humans know. That fire is in its nature cold and cannot warm up anyone.

In my contacts with the possessed I myself had the opportunity to convince myself of the truth of these claims. Placing a hand on the body of the diseased while repeating the verses from the Qur'an an opportunity for a contact with a Jinn, or more of them, is presented. In my first exorcist work I was more surprised by the cold that I felt somewhere deep in me than the fact that the Jinn spoke out through the man's mouth. That feeling was present when the Jinn first addressed me.

Proper work with the Jinn asks for a moral and just attitude. Jinn mustn't be killed or punished. With persistent repetition of prayers, every Jinn will sooner or later leave the human body, every experienced exorcist knows that. Today however we come across more and more situations when the exorcist wants to gain fame and demonstrate spiritual strength in order to profit more, in the light of that they punish and even burn Jinn. Liquidating one of the members of the spiritual world leads to family revenge or tribal revenge which usually has grave consequences for the exorcist.

Similarly one shouldn't have conversations with the Jinn. Even though establishing communication with the Jinn has its charms since one can learn information such as the name of the person that sent the Jinn or did black magic, however it is an unnecessary part of the exorcism. If the exorcist begins communication with the Jinn he immediately breaks off the chanting of verses, endangers the strength that accumulates through the chanting and weakens the ritual. Of course, this gives the Jinn an opportunity to outsmart the exorcist and stay inside the body for longer or even forever. When in danger every Jinn is keen on lying and deception.

If the Jinn is exorcised from a house then the exorcist must place the Jinn in another location after he repeats certain prayers and commands, he is usually moved to an abandoned house or a mill, through oaths to king Tariš, their ruler. At the end of the ritual the exorcist communicates with the Jinn using telepathy and explains in a calm way that they cannot stay in the house which they have occupied since their presence negatively effects the people living in it. Then he wishes them God's grace and a peaceful life in the new location that he has chosen for them.

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ma shaa allah
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Thanks, in joy in reading. Greeting for all readers from Egypt!
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thanks brother
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Jinn - الجن
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