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 BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers

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PostSubject: BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers   Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:42 pm

Date of birth but also first and last names which we were given at birth are more than identification data. In these apparently simple data are stored all of our character traits but also weaknesses, which we carry with ourselves throughout our lives and which, logically, determine our way of life. The thing that makes studying personal data special is its use for very practical purposes. But, in order to know how to bring into harmony good and bad sides of your personality we have to first detect them through certain numeric methods.

Each number which is accentuated in a numerological card or is dominant takes the largest percentage of our energy and creates an imbalance thereby, loss of harmony, which is then reflected on our physical and mental state, which then inevitably further affects all areas of our lives. Accentuated number or numbers, either positive or negative, always create inharmonious flow of energy which blocks us in certain life areas.

Number 6 in Bosnian numerology is connected to fear, a large percentage of people whose final number is 6 have a chronic issue of uncertainty, being scared, tendency to withdraw oneself, and in serious cases, especially with negative numbers, cause addiction or mental illnesses. Fear and stress are the greatest enemies of the modern man and main causes of blocked energy. It is known that the body of a person exposed to long term stress, especially emotional issues, becomes depleted of energy and an ideal ground for diseases. It has already been scientifically confirmed that emotionally destabilised women have issues with their menstrual cycles, and with those that have problematic marriages myomas tend to occur in a larger percentage than with women that don't have such issues. Similarly, it has been determined that even ovarian cysts have been linked to fears, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers   Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:43 pm

Bosnian numerology gave birth to a unique method of healing which is called "movement of the numbers" or "numerical movement" which is based on the principle of activation of positive energy through numbers, especially those which we are lacking in our numerological card, or generally energy row which harmonises the human body and releases it of stress and other negativity.

1: issues with the sinuses, spine, impotence, helps create a feeling of tolerance, restores lost energy.

2: creates humility, peace, prevents outbursts of rage, helps with communication issues.

3: issues with obesity, emotional hunger, frustration.

4: closed up, blocked, impossibility to realise things and act at a 100%.

5: helps make things happen, we become brave, improves circulation, raises immunity.

6: fear, mental issues.

7: uncertainty, restless, rejection.

8: need for harmony, adjustment. Focus on oneself, self awareness.

9: helps with infertility, recovering from surgery, some accident, spreads peace and love.

Example - persons which have number 4 in their date of birth or pronounced in the numerical card suffer from constipation more often than the people that don't have this number. Main culprit is the number 4 which represents a block and restriction. Besides, 4 is the number of lazy people, those among whom theory is more pronounced than practice. To cure constipation and generally being blocked, there is a need to perform a simple ritual which I shall describe later on.

In Bosnian tradition all movements of the body which are performed "following the sun" or clockwise are meant to summon positive energy directly and with that we begin the training of harmonization: we sit on a chair, with our backs straight, hands in free fall (lowered) and then we move our body in a circular motion clockwise. The focus is on the stomach and pelvis, at the exact part of the body which regulates digestion and constipation.

Remember, our body and our mind do not like the words "I must", it is an extremely negative word and should be replaced forever by "I should", "it would be good if I", "it's possible", etc. Each thing that creates pressure has a negative effect on us. This is the reason why I didn't write how many times you should repeat the exercises nor for how long. You will discover it for yourselves. Sometimes it will be shorter and sometimes longer, it is important that it is according to your inner feeling since the meaning of harmonising with energy and releasing everything that is bad is to establish a connection to oneself.

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PostSubject: Re: BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers   Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:04 pm

Exercise "movement of the numbers"

1: stand straight, with legs joined together, hands alongside the body, with head lowered. This number rules the nose, spine, legs, and with men the penis. Breathe and exhale through the nose.

2: sit on your knees, place your palms on your knees, look straight. Close eyes and relax shoulders.

3: stand with legs joined, place hands on hips, so that they for the letter V. Here the lungs and the heart are accentuated. Stay focused on that part of the body.

4: sit on a chair, hands beside the body, connect the legs. Move the body in circles, clockwise.

5: extend both hands in a straight line and slightly bend connected legs. Breathe in and exhale through the mouth, blow it out towards the outstretched hands.

6: sit on your knees, place both palms on the stomach and slightly lower your head. Hands should be alongside the body, close to the stomach. Breathe evenly and stay in this position until you feel your body is relaxed.

7: stand straight, legs connected, extend hands forward in a straight line and bend the body backwards a bit. The stress is on the thighs and backside. Stand in this position until you feel these body parts have relaxed.

8: sit on your knees, raise both hands above your head, in a shape of a circle, hands touching each other with the tips of the fingers.

Small eight is connecting the index finger and thumb on both hands, so that a small circle is formed by both hands, those two circles are then connected so that all four fingers are touching. This is my favourite position which places your head, mind and subconscious mind in the epicentre which creates the effect of harmony. In this position we become aware of ourselves.

9: foetal position. We often take this position while sleeping and that's why it represents number nine (star).

Nine with which the star element rules over is the position which we all subconsciously assume while we sleep, especially if we are pressured by issues or disease. It is the position of a foetus, which gives us the feeling of peace and security. But, this position represents regeneration and health since it is in direct connection with the star. While we are sleeping the body is relaxing and the spirit (subconscious) takes control over us. This is a completely normal process since without it there would be no possibility for the body to connect with the fifth element and we would be left without energy, which would create a complete collapse.

However, the position of the star is also the one when we are standing with our feet and hands parted while looking straight. This is one of the best positions which we can assume and with which we are opening ourselves, freeing ourselves, we are filled with the feeling of freedom and we are charging ourselves with positive thoughts and energy. It is especially good to perform the mentioned position on top of a hill, mountain or at least on a balcony.

In everyday life we should avoid moving backwards, since such movement, disturbs energy of the star and disharmonises it. Such walk is called a "backwards nine", we perform such movements when we are scared, which means blocked by negative emotion.

The things that are important when exercising in order to achieve the desired results are the following facts:

1. Exercises should be repeated regularly, best immediately in the morning after waking up or in the evening before going to sleep.

2. Stop obsessing with other people's lives, success and failures. The biggest loss of energy and also blocking oneself is exactly such behaviour. It is extremely worrisome that 95% show twice as much interest for someone else's life then their own. Isn't it a scary realization that people spend their entire lives without getting to know themselves, they don't pay enough attention to themselves, and that's why they become an inexhaustible source of frustrations and complexes. And, of course, disease? Facebook is not and cannot be important, sine it stupefies, creates an egoistic cult of ME, and fools individuals, so that the person becomes shallow and focused on unimportant things!

3. Give alms, help the misfortunate, as much as you are capable in terms of money and time. This returns us to ourselves and calls positive energy.

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PostSubject: Re: BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers   

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BOSNIAN NUMEROLOGY: Curing with numbers
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