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 Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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PostSubject: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:48 pm

It is offered to man to choose his way and there are two forces influencing him when he is making his decisions - one good and one evil. Which one prevails and makes a greater influence on him, will cause him to choose that type of way. It happens during one's entire life.

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When a man finds a wallet full of money, the evil will tell him to take all the money since it will allow him to purchase many things, the good will suggest that he seeks the owner of the wallet, since he too would be glad if someone returned his belongings if he had lost them. If he is more prone to be influenced by evil, it will win, if he is more prone to the influence of good, he will do the right thing.
These are the paraphrased words of the legendary healer and Imam Sulejman Pekarić from Gradačac. We are talking about a man who many consider to be the best healer which uses the Qur'an in the second half of the twentieth century.
Though in his elderly years (discussions lead a few times during 1989) his mind still functions well, and his sentences are full of exalted wisdom. Albeit of a modest education, yet with numerous years of religious education, his vocabulary is rich and his lectures full of interesting facts. While his hearing is not serving him well, he sees and hears what many cannot.
Once I spoke to an Imam the entire afternoon without noticing any redundant sentences. When he speaks of religions, then he does so with respect, no matter the religion. When he speaks of his work, then the narrative exudes modesty. When he speaks of the material and spiritual, then the advantage is always on the side of the spiritual. And when he speaks of good and evil, then the main characters are from the parallel world of the spiritual beings.
-Spiritual beings are organised almost as humans, but their powers are much greater. There are good and evil beings, and to this division is linked to honest and dishonest and to believers and non-believers. They have languages like humans that's why humans can contact and influence them. They have certain places in which they attack humans, and in other places they won't attack. That's why there are those negative places which are often the topic of conversations. In contacts with them one can find out everything which has to do with humans. But, only humans can initiate contact with them and they have the talent to do so. If I conclude that a person had been attacked by spiritual beings - Jinn, I simply speak to them in my own way. It happens that the culprit runs far away, they are capable of running around the entire globe in just seconds, I find him with the help of other spiritual beings and force him to leave the person alone. It often resembles a real trial. The strongest, and I believe the correct weapon to use against the Jinn is the Qur'an. There are parts of the Qur'an which have such an influence that the Jinn can be burnt, mentioned Imam Pekarić.
He spoke about the most interesting examples in his extremely rich career. Though the work of religious healers was banned for years, the communist authorities of that time did not interfere with their work, they even respected it. Often the influential people came on their own and sent their acquaintances to help them, in which he often succeeded.
For example, he was once visited by a man from the police whose son suffered from epilepsy. In the beginning Imam Sulejman didn't want to receive them, excusing himself that he is no longer allowed to work, and in fact he was cross at the fact that the work of the healer Imams was banned. This man that visited him even had a written recommendation from a very important figure of that neighbourhood, but in the end the decision was made based on the human desire to help and not on the recommendation. The legendary Imam helped him in the next few days. Once he was visited by a man who was attacked by the Jinn and who has fallen mentally ill. An entire village was restless because of him. They brought him bonded. He couldn't bare his own father in his vicinity, but once Sulejman saw him, he unexpectedly calmed down. In his eyes you could not notice the characteristic glow which speaks of hell that has taken hold of someone's soul and not the glow that speaks of something nice and healthy.
-First I tried to be polite with the Jinn, but it didn't produce results, so I started using other methods. I wrote certain symbols on the forehead and read the Qur'an for hours above him, Sulejman remembered.
The Jinn that possessed this man resisted for a long period, they fought and the healing lasted very long and was incredibly laborious. Even the family of the diseased which waited in the adjacent room got tired, the scene took place in the Imam's house in Donja Orahovica a suburb of Gradačac. Large drops of sweat on Sulejman's face spoke of the effort, strained veins and widened pupils, while the body of the patient assumed a bluish colour and for a long period of time he was in a half-conscious state. In the end the effort was worth it and the healing was successful. In the afternoon of the next day, the man went back to his village healed.
But, after two days in front of my door were fifty people from his village, which wanted me to help them solve some of their issues. I barely managed to explain to them that I couldn't receive them all. Since, these were not apples that one can divide and make all things well. With the diseased one must labour for a long time, but in a polite manner - says Imam Pekarić.
When he was younger he participated a few magic sessions. Whenever he wished, he used his inborn abilities, employing methods only known to him, to interrupt the work of the magicians, though it seemed that he was sitting peacefully in the attendance. Simply put, the magicians couldn't focus.
Conditions that one must fulfil if he wishes to practice this specific and exalted work, according to him, and he follows ancient rules, are very strict:
The one that works fairly, must have a good teacher first and receive a diploma from him, and of course religious teachings. After that he must receive, so to say, a work permit from secret and invisible authorities, i.e. from good spiritual beings - angels.
Many, besides learning, are not capable of contacting spiritual beings. When all of this is done, there still remain some things that the teacher doesn't transfer to the student and which he must master himself. Further, healer mustn't eat anything that has a strong smell. He mustn't move during the night, he must spend the night at the place where night catches up to him, because the Jinn have more strength at night to approach him and there is a greater chance of an attack - says Imam Pekarić.
Continuing the conversation with Sulejman, he admitted that he was attacked by the Jinn a few times. His hands would be bound in knots at that time. He barely managed to free himself of their influence.
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PostSubject: Re: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Thu Oct 01, 2015 4:50 pm

Another world will appear which will be based on different foundations

Imam Sulejman Pekarić in conversations often mentions a mysterious book which contains everything about the human race, in the past, present and some guidelines for the future, It serves as a bridge which connects with the times and spaces which are unreachable by human eyes. It is the window in that part of the time in the sea of infinitude, which is given to the human race to create something which could be called heaven on earth, if they are capable and if they deserve it. That period lasts for 7000 years exactly and after that judgment day will come. That time is almost at an end, and according to Sulejman Pekarić, there is less than 50 years. Unfortunately, man didn't create the thing for which an opportunity was given. The answer to the question if this book deviated from the religious books and their messages we did not receive. The essence is obviously too mystic and available only to the chosen ones. My efforts to see the book, ended in absent gazes of the Imam. Inhabitants of the household explained that he guards this secret jealously and that it is hidden at a place that he only knows. It is, however, along with natural talent and gained knowledge, the thing that makes him a good mage among the Bosnian healers. With the help of this book after WWII he told the people from the new government what awaits their system which they will create in the future. This was recorded in hidden archives.
Until today that event matches the predictions. Imam Sulejman predicted the final events in Eastern Europe, but he considers that they, though positive won't end as people expect. He repeats that the period of 7000 years is almost at an end. Sometime after that, a new world will appear based on completely new values.
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PostSubject: Re: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:46 am

Muhamed Radončić

In February 1990 in his 50th year, Imam Muhamed Radončić passed away, a long-time champion for proper understanding of curing with the Qur'an. He was successful as a healer, but at the same time he worked at Gazi-Husrefbeg madrasah where he tried to change the negative stance of certain circles of the Islamic eldership about the activities of the Imam-healers. He largely managed to do so. During the first contact with him, one would see that he is an intellectual of a higher rank, with completed higher theological schools with which he differentiated himself from other individuals which falsely represented themselves. His work room was always full of books from different areas regarding the human mind. An honourable place was of course held by the Qur'an but also the holly books of other religions.

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-The Jinn can attack anyone, but it is easier for them to attack liable persons. When a man comes to me who is tormented by a certain issue, I already know what his issue is after a short conversation. The most important thing to me is the manifestation of the issue. Healing process usually takes from six weeks to six months, and rarely a year. It can happen that I'm unable to help someone who has a similar issue that I solved previously in another person. There are numerous reasons for this. Either I haven't "located" the disease, or I didn't offer a corresponding recipe (talisman), but the cause is more often that the patient didn't follow the instructions  - emphasised Radončić. He always warned that those that foretell destinies, or give completely wrong talismans and amulets which contain no words, and with some not even a letter from the Qur'an, charlatans and Jinn's allies, whose number mustn't be understated in our area. Only the experts, who are also powerful enough, can help the diseased and troubled. During the conversation Imam Muhamed mentioned a few of such people. His opinions about some so called borderline sciences are also interesting.

-Palmistry, radiestezy and some other similar areas are Jinn's deceptions, and contacting Jinn's brings a lot of danger. Here we also have a widespread use of black magic, which I think is a more dangerous from scourge such as drugs, alcohol, AIDS, and various other addictions and perversions. Practitioners of black magic can cause the following issues: disruption of marital harmony, women can have spontaneous miscarriages or cannot get pregnant at all, impotence in men, joint pain, face deformity or similar things. With late Muhamed Radončić, as with many Bosnian healers that use Qur'an, people of different levels of education came, from university educated people to those that are not educated at all. Even people of other religions and atheists came.

-God is one and his power is available to all and directed to everyone. I am visited by people who as soon as they arrive say that they don't believe in god, but that they haven't found a cure in other places and that I'm their only hope. I don't discuss with them about their stance towards religion, but I don't refuse to help them, with God's help. And I often succeed with such, i.e. in most cases - Imam Radončić said.

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PostSubject: Re: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:01 am

Muradbeg Kulenović

During the time of Austro-Hungarian occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina there was a whole constellation of extremely successful Imam's i.e. spiritual leaders which performed small miracles with their religious and mystic knowledge and in that way they became an integral part of folk legends. One of those people is the famous Imam Muradbeg Kulenović from Bosanski Petrovac about whom there is a recorded text in the Ethnographic museum of Zagreb of 1934.

The content of the talisman a person carries is determined by the religion he belongs to. But, as it was customary in the past for the Imam to write for Christians or Christian priests to Muslims, the talismans were mixed, but this is a rare occurrence today. Catholic and Orthodox priests no longer write inscriptions for over 70-80 years, and Imam's write still to this day but to a lesser degree than before, this is way Christians contact them when in trouble. Priests were healers from the old days since in diseases and accidents one can see God's punishment, influence of evil spirits and living beings, therefore they performed various ceremonies and rituals in order to protect people from evil and disease. They included various sacrifices, prayers as well as other rituals which included hanging talismans and amulets. Over time they increased the use of various drugs, but over a long period of time they mixed all possible agents with the amulets and talismans. It was considered that they ward off various diseases for which there was no cure, such as mental illnesses which cannot be cured by normal drugs. The famous folk doctor Muradbeg Kulenović from Bosanski Petrovac, once uttered this:

-I learned to make talismans from my father at home in Bosnia and in Istanbul from the Dervish, while I lived there. I would write a talisman while looking at old books and often in the stars (astrology), while I didn't understand drugs much.

He then showed me various ways to finish an inscription, which he partially multiplied on a Schapiograph since he was old and his hand was shaking, he would write something by hand.

-All my spiritual patients, he called the mentally ill in this way, received three talismans each. One would be wrapped initially in a dry, then in a wax cloth and it would be worn alongside the body, the other part would be cut off and after seven days it would be thrown gradually into a fire, which also contained incense, the fumes would be inhaled, the third talisman would be placed inside water, which contained water from three springs, the water would be drunk for twenty one days, the diseased would also use this water to wash his face in the morning for fourteen days. People from all over the place come to purchase my talismans, they also call me from far away, to see the mentally ill and to chase away the devils when they throw things at the house (here we are talking about a belief that devils/vampires can throw rocks at someone's house at night). I can make a girl come to a boy which he desires and vice versa, all they have to do is carry my inscriptions and utter basmice (magical formulas) which I give them, then blow down their body, so for example this basmica:

I entered golden through a silver door,

sounded like a weapon,

shone like the sun,

entered into everyone's heart,

amin velezalim.


"O my dear,

ahrum, bahrum, čikti vehrum;

as much as you thread there,

so much will be returned here,

amin, velezalim

During this he showed me numerous letters and telegraphs, which he received from patients, he talked gladly about his successes.

-They brought one mad person, which was possessed by a devil, who didn't want to pray to god, he just cursed. I uttered a prayer and made an inscription, and I sent him into town to buy cigarettes. He went alone and returned normal with the cigarettes.

From such conversations with this so called doctor, who claimed that he doesn't practice medicine, but cures the mentally ill with inscriptions, one could make out that he wrote against spells, that he cures various diseases, and that he writes different things for different diseases. Other unofficial healers and Imam's do the same even to this day.

These are some of the talismans that Imam Muradbeg Kulenović wrote:

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PostSubject: Re: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Tue Oct 27, 2015 5:02 pm

Ibrahim Tutmić

In village Orahovica, 30 kilometres from Zenica lives Imam Ibrahim Tutmić who became famous thanks to his spiritual work. It was the end of April 1989 when I first spoke to Ibrahim. In front of his house, as usual, there were a lot of people. When he heard that I was a reporter, he refused to talk to me initially. He had bad experience with some of the reporters. He also added: "When one is often discussed, his enemies multiply."
Ibrahim says about himself that he heals "diseases of the soul". No one is immune to them anymore, therefore there is a wide spectrum of people of differing professions, age, and places where they live...
-Son, I don't discriminate, who comes, he is welcome. It's my duty to try and help him. Whether he is rich or poor, educated or illiterate - is least important. I didn't mind people from other religions visiting me, and strangers from distant lands came as well. God is one, only the people give him different names in different countries.
Among the diseases which Imam Ibrahim Tutmić heals, the most severe one is impotence, caused by mental illnesses. With such cases, he says, he has a lot of issues. Healing is difficult, but in the end results will follow.
-I was recently visited by a young man from Osijek whom I helped to solve this issue. He got married, but for almost a year he was unable to perform his marital duties. He suffered mightily because of it, he began to deteriorate. His marriage was in a big crisis. When he first came to see me, he didn't believe me much that I would help him, but he came at the urging of his friends. This incredulity made my job much harder. I talked to him for a long time, gave him inscriptions and instructed him how to use them. He came three or four times. Nevertheless, he is cured now. He wrote to me a couple of times and thanked me.
Case of Jasmin D. From Prijedor belongs to those especially interesting cases. This ten year old boy suffered from epilepsy. Here we need to mention a few things about this disease, since Jasmin's case belonged among those where epilepsy cannot be cured by official medical treatments. Namely, it is a disease which is manifested by periodic attacks caused by uncontrollable discharge of electrical energy in brain cells. According to research, among 50% of patients one can find the main cause of the disease, and among the others one cannot find any special cause. Jasmin's case fell into this other category.
Needless to say that his parents invested effort and time to take him to various medical institutions and to many individuals, mostly to bioenergy practitioners for which they heard that they could be helpful. Yet, in the end the man that helped him was Imam Tutmić. After a dozen visits, the attacks were less frequent, and then they vanished. In the last few months Jasmin didn't have issues with his dangerous disease, and according to all signs it will remain permanent.
A man that was present during my talk with Imam Ibrahim Tutmić, who happened to be visiting him, joined the conversation with the intent of telling us an interesting event which he witnessed in this house (for obvious reasons I'm not mentioning his name in the text). A young woman which came to the Imam because of unbearable psycho-neuroses which tortured her for some time, was cured after only one treatment. But, while the healing lasted and while Ibrahim expelled sihre out of her, all items fell from a nearby table, even though there was no physical contact with the table. All those that were present in the room were confused and even Imam Tutmić which - as he says - he didn't have similar cases, though he heard that similar occurrences took place among other Imam's.
While we talked, the room was constantly visited by his patients, some asked if they will be received that day, while others sought advice whether to follow the Imam's instructions further because they feel better. Some of the new visitors seemed "lost" - they repeated the same questions a few times and always asked additional explanations, though there was no need for it.
Ibrahim has a lot of patience for all of them. -One needs to be patient with people. Especially when we are dealing with people who have issues like the ones that visit me. Diseases of the soul are often more difficult from many physical ailments - say Imam Tutmić.
Otherwise, Tutmić writes inscriptions for stability and security at work, love and marriage. They are so called inscriptions for success. I asked Imam Ibrahim if he foretells the future, like so many other healers?
-No! He replies energetically. -That is not my job. According to Islam, foretelling destiny is strictly forbidden, except if we are talking about the worship of istihara. There are people in Bosnia which perform these acts, such as Semiza from Miljevina near Foča, and lately I hear that Imam Avdija from Konjic also performs this type of work. Some of them do it according to regulations, it seems successfully, and for others I'm not sure.
Worshiping istihara is a special prayer and is done in accordance to strict rules, especially for people whose future one wants to predict. Most of those that praise their own skills of clairvoyance see more than fifty people a day, you tell me what we are talking about.
I finish my talk with Ibrahim. It is time. There are dozen people waiting outside. From the yard in front of his house, which is located on a high place, offers a great view of the valley that houses village Gornja Orahovica. Surrounded by mountains and forests. Here even nature heals.
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PostSubject: Re: Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina   Today at 7:30 am

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Great spiritual healers of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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