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 Traditions and legends about Zenica

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Traditions and legends about Zenica   Mon May 02, 2016 6:01 pm

Between the mountains Lisac and Vepar, which are divided by the valley of the river Bosna, one of the most interesting stories ever told by mankind, found its place. According to folk legends it was a mountain, with a lake which stretched from Vranduk all the way to Visoko, as long as the twin brothers lived in brotherly harmony and love.

As soon as they got separated, losing their head in the quarrel, out of grief the mountain cracked and split into two, and between it a river of tears started to flow. Not even the tombstones of the brothers remained one beside the other. They say, one tombstone is on the mountain Lisac and the other on the hill Vepar.

Vran and Duk

Numerous legends speak of how Zenica and its surrounding villages and mountains got their names. We will mention the most interesting ones. According to some legends Bilino polje in Zenica was once called Villino polje (fairy field) "where fairies came to dance in circles".

Vranduk was named after the giant Vran and fearless young man Duk which defeated the giant. Fairies moved to the beautiful mountain Jeleč, and dragons "which spat fire" moved to Zmajevac. The place where the giant "smeo" the mountain got the name Smetovi, and the place to which the cries of the defeated Vran reached, was named Kukavica. One of the legends say that Zenica was once called Sjenica, name of Duk's mother Sjenica.

When the brothers reconcile

We can infer that mountains Lisac and Vepar got their name by understanding the meaning of the names, a story about the habitat of foxes and wild boars is shadowed by the legend of the twin brothers who used to live in those areas, long time ago.

Legend, which is transmitted from one generation to the next, says that the feuding brothers will come alive and find peace. By atonement of the brothers, Vepar and Lisac will again be one mountain, and as soon as this happens, lake waters will flow upstream. "Flood will return!" - the legends say.
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Traditions and legends about Zenica
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