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 When a Jinn enters a house

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PostSubject: When a Jinn enters a house    Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:00 pm

Another ethereal being which all mages aspire to control in order to learn all secrets of magic is Hudam. The name Hudam or Khodam comes from the Arabic language and signifies the term servant and as such describes the supernatural being which god created to serve humans. According to numerous occult practitioners from the middle east, Hudam is neither an angel or a devil, the closest definition would be that he is a guardian angel of humans, although this claim wouldn’t be completely true.

Hudam or Khodam appears in front of humans in the form of a human dressed in white clothes with an extremely beautiful face. By its nature he is passive and asexual, unlike carnal Jinn. When an occult practitioner succeeds, after several rituals, summoning and placing him under control, Khodam follows him at all times. However, in the world of magic numerous enemies and dangers lurk and often times a Jinn answers the practitioners call and pretends to be a Khodam. In the beginning, until the practitioner gains complete confidence, the Jinn acting as a Khudam follows all tasks the practitioner asks of him, but after some time the Jinn turns the game around and he then rules over the human making him do all those things which are contrary to religious customs.

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But, not all cases are like this. Those practitioners which show enough knowledge and patience can come into possession of a unique Khodam called Khodam Asmak, an extremely strong energy powerful being which is willing to protect the human from all possible dangers until his natural death. However, if his master starts to break religious principles (perform adultery, give in to alcohol, gambling, etc.), that bond is then broken. It will also be broken if the human would ask from the Hudam to perform some unjust things such as seducing someone’s wife, stealing, inflicting evil and the like.
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PostSubject: Re: When a Jinn enters a house    Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:02 pm

Jinn and possession

To perform any type of exorcist approach it is necessary to be able to tell the difference of a Shaitan and a Jinn on a human. Namely, there is an important distinction in possession from one or the other entity. When a Shaitan enters the human body he becomes prone to vices, lying, carelessness and laziness, while when a human is possessed by a Jinn he behaves aggressively – causing hysteria, hallucinations, sudden change in behaviour, mental issues, desire for murder or suicide. While it is relatively easier to expel a Shaitan from a victim, with a Jinn or more of them, one has to have a real spiritual battle. Jinn are extremely persistent and intelligent beings prone to deception and hoaxes and in the desire to fool the exorcist and the possessed man they will lay low for a while or even shortly exit the human body. Exorcism is not what one can see in Hollywood movies, in fact it is a completely different practice for which one has to have enough knowledge and experience. While present in the human body, the Jinn changes certain structure of the human body and in the multitude of visible and invisible sensations, to me, the following two are the most interesting.

Namely, in a possessed man, the tears are not salty as in other humans?! Probably an even more interesting fact is that possession can be medically registered or at least it can be shown that something out of the ordinary is happening in the victim’s body. Mensur Abdul-Kerim Muhammad in his book “Supernatural healing with Hijama”, published in 1994 in Egypt, he describes medical experiments and analysis published by doctor Muhammad Al-Hussaini, master of medical sciences, where with a group of his associates he took blood from possessed (bewitched) persons prior and during exorcism which was lead by a professional exorcist. The results were stunning – blood taken from the same person taken from the same spot (puncture) prior and during exorcism had a different blood type. Moreover, red blood cells from the sample didn’t die 12 hours later, instead they multiplied?!

Reasons for possession

During all epochs of human civilization the Jinn attacked humans and this is a constant during our long history. But, the reasons for short or long habitation in the human body have changed. Today the Jinn possess people mostly because of the high level of stress, which weakens the immune system and energetic shell/aura, coming into contact with various evil, disorderly life style, environment pollution and ever increasing lack of humanity and nobility. From experience I know that unconsciously people summon negative spiritual beings with certain activities such as often incinerating red candles, incense, performing reiki, kabbalah, which was created in the 18th century in Prague by worshipers of Satan so that demons can enter the human body much more easily, physical sloppiness, consumption of alcohol, drugs, etc.

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Kabbalah - doors for Satan!
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PostSubject: Re: When a Jinn enters a house    Wed Jul 06, 2016 9:58 pm

Possession of a house or flat

Jinn do not enter only into human bodies, they also inhabit someone’s living space, so that they can use their position to maximum potential. The things that give them away are a few important details and one of them is this. In all apartments and houses in which one or more Jinn live (entities) all wall pictures are shifted to one side, right or left. This is one sure fire sign of a supernatural manifestation. I was recently called by a friend to perform a detection of her apartment. Since she moved in, three years ago, her life was marked by a negative trend – there was literally no advancement in professional segment nor her love life, she fell into financial loans and her health deteriorated. She met me in front of the building she lived in, she gave me her key and hastily went, going on a trip. We managed to shortly make arrangements to meet the next day so that I may tell her what I noticed.

As soon as I entered the nicely decorated apartment I noticed that all pictures on the walls were in an irregular position. But, besides this, nothing else gave away presence of some entity. That night I lay down and slowly uttered a verse from the Qur’an for which I knew that it would cause a spirit to react if he was present. I quickly fell asleep thinking about everyday things. Around 2 in the morning in the darkness I saw a woman with a yellow face, pronounced white hair with sharp red locks, she was sitting and looking at me. It was a sign that I had to come to my senses quickly, which I did, and I turned on the light. I received my answer.

My first impression with all first encounters with invisible beings is their characteristic slowness, sluggishness. I’m of the opinion that although the spiritual and material world intertwine constantly, that the difference in the so called “time zone” is evident and that movements from the other side, in this case of the Jinn, seem slow.

Spirits are usually not interested in humans, in a friendly way, and they almost never want to communicate with them, despite the difference in languages, they can overcome this barrier and for example communicate telepathically. But, what is extremely well developed, as in animals, is the ability to feel fear in humans. That sense is very sharp. That’s why it is very important to break that connection to avoid the possibility of the heightened feeling of fear to penetrate inside of oneself, since they most often enter, literally fly inside the human body, in moments of pronounced emotions i.e. strong shock (fear) or sorrow.

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PostSubject: Re: When a Jinn enters a house    Today at 7:02 am

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When a Jinn enters a house
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