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 Power of the prayer from the Qur'an

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PostSubject: Power of the prayer from the Qur'an   Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:52 pm

There is a widespread prejudice about the Qur'an, especially among the members of other religions or people who have never read the holly book, since one can foretell destinies with the book (“opening the stars”) or even that in the content of the book there are instructions on how to create spells?! Both the first and second claim are false since the mantic skill “opening the stars” is not done with the Qur’an, instead it is done with a book called Yildiznama. Similarly, we should point out that the holly book of Islam, like the Torah and Bible, condemns any type of magic.

Practice of using prayers with the intent of creating amulets is present in all religions, and among the Christians and Jews use of the psalm for creation of inscriptions for a specific purpose.
Therefore, shortly, there are no differences between these three religions in terms of talisman and amulet creation. The only difference is perhaps that the Arabs and Iranians as excellent mathematicians perfected the science behind the talisman, primarily for the purpose of healing, using prayers from the Qur’an.

Islamic spiritual medicine or Al-Ruhanyat  is based on the science of beautiful names of the Lord (al-asma al-husna) and knowledge of the secret of Allah’s greatest name (al-ism al-akbar); esoteric interpretation of the verses from the Qur’an (ilm al-ta’wil); science of letters (ilm al huruf) and their numerological significance and meaning and science of magical squares (ilm al-awfaq) according to which the holly texts, their letters and numerological significance are entered through vefk (triangles and squares) in the content of the talisman and amulet.

Besides, Arabic language is considered to be chosen by God and that’s why words from the Qur’an, as well as citations and prayers are considered as holly. Also, this is the main reason why Muslims of all nations across the world pray to God in Arabic. Of course, it is not wrong for believers to pray in their native language since, as spiritual authorities claim, there are angels which translate the prayer into Arabic as soon as it is spoken. But, speaking the prayer in the original language of the Qur’an has precedence and is common practice among Muslims.

It is known that since the old days that prayers from the Qur’an are the source of help for various human ills and among them the one which is considered the heart of the holly book is very esteemed – Yaseen. It is claimed that it can help in finding a lost person, curing diseases, finding candidates for marriage, etc. In this prayer there is a citation which serves as a stimulus for flow of money but also property protection, which needs to be repeated a certain amount of times in order to gain god’s help and make the desire come true.

For the majority of readers this fact about Yaseen might be interesting. Namely, if it is uttered inside a house and then the entrance door of the house are closed, there is no way any magician or witch can approach that house. Each prayer from the Qur’an has one or more invisible guardians which are called Dobri in Bosnian tradition. So, for example the prayer Yaseen is under the protection of two servants called Zagašin and Fagašin, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: Power of the prayer from the Qur'an   Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:54 pm

Evil spirits and diseases

Spiritual medicine is present in all religions and cultures around the world and it has its source in shamanism, ancient belief in the existence of good and bad spirits which in various ways influence the human and their own world, especially in the domain of disease and bad luck. Through numerous centuries postulates of shamanism remained unchanged, although religious views and understandings changed, which is understandable primarily because of the realisation that a human itself is a combination of spiritual and material.

Spiritual healer or “soul doctor” primarily must possess shamanistic gift i.e. ability to detect, in order to determine whether the Jinn is actually present in the diseased person, and if he is, what type of demon he is dealing with. He is using various mantic methods to accomplish this but also literal knowledge about the effect a Jinn has on the human mind and body.

Diseases ascribed in spiritual medicine to the negative effect of the Jinn are categorised; for example, earth Jinn causes complications with the stomach and bowels, if the Jinn enters the head then he causes headaches, insomnia and issues with the eyes; air Jinn possesses the heart, causing pain and great difficulties in breathing, and often a loss of consciousness; heavenly Jinn is the one most prone to affecting the nervous system, causing spasms (cramps) and contractions of the limbs, etc.

After determining the current state of the diseased and offering a diagnosis, spiritual healer prepares all things necessary for the ritual which he will perform in order to free the person from the negative effect of the Jinn. For that purpose they most frequently make talismans, though there are other ways to eliminate the spirit of the disease.
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PostSubject: Re: Power of the prayer from the Qur'an   Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:56 pm

Miraculous talismans

According to the sayings of numerous Sheiks, but also other prominent spiritual authorities, there is no religious hurdle for a talisman to be used in a healing treatment, especially with spiritual diseases.
Talismans cure numerous issues and diseases caused by evil invisible creatures, various bodily diseases, madness, blindness, epilepsy, for which it is claimed among the Bosnian folk that it most frequently appears in surroundings where there is the highest concentration of black magic, headaches, infertility, depression, unknown diseases, high blood pressure, etc. Also, talismans can be used to positively influence lawsuits, when searching for a job, to return a loved person, finding your soul mate, calming down marital disputes and the like.

The name amulet (hamail) and talisman (tilsum or talsam) come from the Arabic language and through Greeks, like many other terms they came into Europe and got domesticated in dictionaries and tradition. Talismans are considered to be more powerful than prayers since they have the specificity to prolong the effect of god’s holly words, which disperse after a prayer, while if written they accumulate and shine their power for a long time and achieve a much stronger effect.

An ancient rule is that talismans are created using an ink made out of saffron, in which one can add an explicit note of perfume or a few drops of rose water. The reason for this is of course practical and it is based on the belief that good beings, primarily angels, respond to a call which has a pleasant smell.

That’s why it is forbidden to eat garlic or onions before a prayer and before creating a talisman or amulet, physical impurity and all those things which have to do with tidiness and pleasant sensations.

In rituals of talisman or amulet creation, fumigation is inevitable. Application of fragrances is a constituent of middle eastern religious-magical teachings and that segment is found in the tradition of BiH. Namely, in Bosnian mythology a legend about the big celestial bird is mentioned Haramki which was convicted by Allah, because of its arrogance, to be constantly in flight, without the possibility of landing on earth or a tree. In the past our grandparents had a custom of pealing an apple or orange, and place the peel on the hot stove to feed the celestial bird with that smoke and to do a good deed.
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PostSubject: Re: Power of the prayer from the Qur'an   Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:08 pm

For fumigation during the use of talismans, but also after it, oriental textbooks of talisman magic often require the use of fragranced resins, roots and incense which are inaccessible for our climate and it is necessary to be more agile and find high quality substitutes which will not disturb the content of the talisman and its purpose. Bosnian experts for amulet creation have found an ideal substitute in pine needles (Pinus) whose smell summons spiritual energy.

Like everything else, most people understand the talisman science only superficially and they believe that it is enough to re-write some content with a plain pencil, at no specific time, and then they wonder why the talisman didn’t work?! The biggest mistake is done by those who write verses of Qur’an with a ballpoint pen, since a percentage of the ink in such pencils has alcohol in it, which is strictly forbidden by the Qur’an. With this their amulets can be a tool of some evil forces and bring more issues than good to the owner. Because of insufficient education in spiritual science the so called masters of talisman science, besides knowingly deceiving their clients, they also attract evil forces which sooner or later overtake them and place their sphere of influence over them.

There are days in every lunar or Arabic month which are evil and negative and one shouldn’t practice talisman sciences during those months. Similarly, one needs to know the astrological sign in which the future owner of the talisman is born, since there are rules there as well about inscription days. The only exception is the sign of the Leo, for which there are no restrictions for any of the lunar months. With that, the inscriber must follow the movements of the houses of the moon (stations), so he is informed about the state in the sky, which is not always benevolent towards actions and undertakings on earth.  

In order to create a usable talisman one must follow numerous rules from the precise hour, day, smell, prayer, etc. Similarly, talismans mustn’t be written in certain days and before one even starts to think about it one must check, according to the date of birth, which days are not favourable for that person i.e. in which days one cannot write talismans for it. Actually, I would like to tell you shortly that creation of amulets is not an easy task and besides knowledge it also requires physical effort. That’s why there are only a few good creators of talismans and they’re in no hurry, each client is marked and on hold until the necessary conditions for work for that specific amulet are created. An amulet whose content is nothing more than useless squiggly lines, copied text or a text written with a ballpoint pen is useless and they have no real power.

Today it is similarly possible to see in printed media, other media as well, ads in which women, so called clairvoyants or “witches” claim that they create amulets and talismans and with that they publicly reveal that they don’t even have the basic knowledge about the talisman science. Namely, in Arabic-Persian science about amulets it is strictly emphasized that a woman cannot create an amulet, only a man cam. Reasons for this are clear and justified and the most basic one is that a woman due to her menstrual cycle and birth simply doesn’t have a high enough level of cleanliness to satisfy extremely demanding rules. It is no less important to emphasize another fact for which women are ostracised from talisman magic. Namely, Jinn cultivate a special affinity towards human females and they’re trying to get close to them in every possible way, in order to possess them and feed from the smell of the menstrual blood or even worse to sexually fornicate with them while they’re sleeping. From everything that we said it is easy to conclude that most of those women which perform some type of magic are possessed with one or more invisible beings. Such women often have headaches, “stinging” across the back, sudden pain, have menstrual issues, nightmares,…

As instructions requires individual talismans are left overnight outside after they have been written, in order to “absorb” astral light, or they are hung on a tree branch, buried near a river or stream, burned in a fire and the ashes are placed on a palm and scattered by the wind, etc. Besides, there are warnings which talismans cannot be exposed to sun or moon light, which cannot be near a dog, woman and the like.
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PostSubject: Re: Power of the prayer from the Qur'an   

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Power of the prayer from the Qur'an
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