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KomentarNaslov komentara: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:29 pm


Love as inexhaustible source of inspiration of numerous artists, philosophers but also scientists was and remained a large mystery in all eras of human history precisely because no one managed to explain what love is and what in essence is this strong feeling which rules over our bodies. The closest explanation of what love is was summarized in a short answer - love is magic. How else to explain events that we are attracted to another person by a blinding force, a person which we observe in awe and tenderness, towards which we open without any caution and fear both physically and spiritually, to which we reveal our weaknesses. Love, especially in the beginning, promotes a romantic enthusiasm and excitement which cause chemical reactions in the brain. Love hormones which swell our bodies at that moment like a spell make us stronger, more optimistic, happier. The adrenaline rush causes our reduced need for sleep but raises our tendency to fantasize and daydream. It is more than obvious that in that period, while hormones of love dominate us some mysterious processes take place in our conscience which partially change our perception and way in which we experience a person towards which we feel love. Hence drastically changing our classic behaviour and unconsciously adjusting ourselves to our partner, aligning their needs with ours.

Our lives begin and end with love. It is interesting to point out that the need for love doesn't stop in any parts of our human lives. In the earliest part of our life when humans are helpless infants, he is completely dependent on the parents love and care but also in other parts of our lives, especially puberty and adolescence, that need for love is not decreased but intensified. Marriage and arrival of a child are events which were once considered as the culmination of love, but today we all know that they point to the fact that one is entering in a new period in life when love gets a deeper and more intensified form. As we age the need for attention and love becomes more pronounced because we find solace in it from fear of aging, diseases and death. When we reach our retirement and we have enough time for ourselves most people experience new forms of love through grandchildren which complement some missed feelings with their own children.

We could write numerous books on love, make the same amount of movies about it but we still couldn't say all there is to it. That's why love is universal and has no alternative. In all epochs and through different nations, cultures and religions love always had the same face. It transcended cultural and linguistic barriers and differences and always made us infringe on our own beliefs and taboos. Hence love deserved an honorary title of the first and largest world miracle.

Though today's fast tempo of life marks contemporary modern society, people are trying to stay emotionally connected which in the end produced an even greater need for similarly fast and simple solutions such as this book which offers a handful magical recipes and tips for everyday life. In order to practice magic we don't have to be members of secret societies or a coven of witches, undergo often unclear initiations or subject oneself to suspicious and questionable rules of living. It is sufficient to connect with nature in some instances and use the hidden forces in the direction of fulfilling our wishes. Never forget the fact that we too are an inseparable part of nature and with that we possess in ourselves that magical capacity which enables us to connect with everything around us and to influence events around us. In the end we remain our own, we don't change nor do we undergo some foreign systems of living, we simply use what has been given us by birth.
Never forget that love too needs help. And that this is the case is best shown by previous surveys of numerous world scientists towards which love relation from the initial stage of fervour and passion, after three and a half years slowly stops and turns into routine and habit which is usually followed by everyday issues and problems, relaxation of the partner and lack of romance. The perpetrator of this is often sought in the modern quick way of life, stress, lack of time, worry over money, children, work. However, none of the above has such a destructive effect on a relationship if the partners have a developed need for love and exchange of tenderness. For the things we love we can always find free time and will.

Coherent and harmonious relationship or marriage is kept with open communication, touch, showing tenderness, understanding and also magic. According to statements of some Bosnian witches in every relationship or marriage it is necessary to strengthen it with magic and deepen the connection of it, no matter how stable the emotional connection of the couple actually is. Practice of such rituals has a strong effect on the psyche of those using it since it helps with concentration and channelling of emotions towards the other person, release of suppressed energy which stimulates the need for renewed closeness, the emergence of romance and erotic desire.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:33 pm

Red magic

There are a lot of answers to the question of how did love or red magic came to be? One of the more interesting is known in Arabic occultism where this type of magic is connected with the mysterious Atlantis. Allegedly, 30 000 years ago, spiritual beings walked the earth which founded ancient Atlantis. That continent was made up of seven islands, and since earth was at the time still hot, geometrically it resembled a red rose and that's why this flower became its trademark. Each island had its own city, while the capital city of all islands was Atlantis. There was a huge temple inside of it, darkest of them all, called the black temple of Atlantis. But, it had nothing to do with black magic, instead red magic was exclusively practiced. In its time, Atlantis had an extremely advanced civilization and science and religion did not exist in the form that is familiar to us today, instead it was based on practice of rituals of red magic which was used by all its inhabitants. Because of that sin, according to the legend, Allah punished them by destroying Atlantis which sunk into the sea and since then it was never again seen. But, other versions of this legend explain how it came to the conflict between the Atlanteans themselves and how amidst such events it came to the cataclysm. However it may be, spiritual beings which lived on that mysterious continent did not disappear, rather they stayed living in their supernatural world which intertwines with the human world. It is assumed that they live in the Bermuda triangle. Throughout numerous legends of the ancient world but also religious legends of monotheism numerous cases were described when the spiritual beings from Atlantis (gods, angels, demons, faeries.) communicated with humans and transferred their knowledge onto them, among other things rituals of red magic.

Today when we read Arabic grimoire dedicated to love magic, we can truly conclude that a red rose is the original symbol of red magic. In most descriptions it is insisted on the usage of rose water for the preparation of spells with the remark that without it the magic won't have any effect. A similar congruence is found in Bosnian magic which is best illustrated by the description of this spell: In order for a woman to win over a man she must take a red rose and drink it with a glass of water in order to obtain rose water. She would add three drops on menstrual blood in the water and a drop of blood from the thumb of the right and left hand and blood from the toe of the right and left foot according to the system right hand, left leg and vice versa. When the love potion is ready it is served by a few drops in the coffee or juice. The most ideal time for the production of the potion is a night of a full moon or the first Friday after the appearance of the new moon.

I must immediately mention to all of you that by practicing rituals described in this book you will not become the most desirable person in the town or that you will have however you wish. Such a thing is an impossible mission and exceeds all spheres of normal thinking. One of the first rules of Bosnian love magic is that, with magic you can only influence a person that at least has a crush on you or a person that finds you physically attractive. Meaning, that person has to have a positive opinion about you. You cannot influence a person that doesn't know you or that finds you repulsive. That's why as the author of the book I'm recommending to you to use magic only when you are in a relationship or married. No matter how stable the relationship currently is and full of enthusiasm, just remember that even a fire stops burning if you don't add new wood. That's why love magic should be a stimulant that should strengthen the chains of love which bound you and should elongate bodily sensations and emotional enthusiasm.

Similarly you must know that love spells, no matter the strength and intensity, cannot destroy true love of a couple because when emotions are true and love is deep then it is stronger than any magic. Avoid getting caught up into others love relations because such acts cause a karmic punishment. Use rather love divination and look if the partners are harmonious, do they get along and what is their future like. If trough divination you see that their common future is not bright, arm yourselves with patience and wait for the person you desire to become available. In the meantime there is a possibility that you will cool off from such a desire and that you will connect with a new person or that you will give yourself time to get to know the other person better and build for starters a stable friendly relationship. In either case you will act wisely and correctly.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:37 pm

Love magic in Bosnia

Anthropologically analysed love magic surely belongs into the most widespread form of occult practice in the entire world since it is directly aimed at human lives and social circumstances. In Bosnia love magic was formed and maintained mostly as a female form of rebellion to bad social and patriarchal conditions, rigid social norms in which marriage was holly and divorce public shame and degradation of a female as a person. Such a mind-set was enforced by the generally accepted belief of a lower value of women compared to men. A woman not married was considered to be a second class citizen. Such unfavourable social pressure affected the emergence of various forms of witchcraft and divination with whose help, with frequent participation of their mothers, girls wanted to affect their marriage cycle in order to begin the part of life which is looked on favourably by their peers. Marriage, among other things, ensured women material safety and that was an additional reason for it to be realised as soon as possible.

In ethnological work from the mid-fifties of the previous century realised in the National Museum of BiH ethnologist Abdulah Škaljić mentions the confession of Ibrahim Klempić from Vlasenica:

-"As a young man I dated a girl, and since she only had her old mother in her family, I had  a good relation with her mother, and I sometimes visited them. I noticed however that both the girl and mother used various forms of love magic in order to get me closer to the girl so that I couldn't live without her. That seemed wrong and inappropriate to me so after some time I decided to break up with her. But, when I would at instances secretly sneak under their window, I had the opportunity to hear and see how they performed their magical practice. Her mother would use a copper vessel full of water to extinguish a few embers taken from the fire and after that they would place that vessel under the chair on which I would sit during my visits. After the sun set the girl would go outside and gazing at the stars she would utter magical formulas in which she would mention my name and after that she would blow in the direction of my house."

A very good example of social reflections in the previous centuries are also Bosnian folk songs in which it is openly talked about love magic with the goal of winning over loved ones, like the songs about Mujo.

In the song, the girl is defending herself from the accusations that she created love spells with the following words:

I didn't, my dear, by my life,
I did dig out your footprint,
buried it under a yellow marigold.
Wither, my dear, while I don't come to you!

Particularly compelling seems the song, in which a maid makes spells for her landlady's husband to come to her:

A little dream had miss Alta
three nights without her master,
to her it seemed three years.
She calls for Kumra her slave:
let my little Bey come to me tonight!>.
Spell concocts her slave Kumra:
It gets dark to the Bey in Banja Luka,
in Banja Luka to Alta on his hand.

Love magic was often used for revenge or for gratification of passion and erotic desires. In the folk song the young czar, after the beautiful girl named Biser-Naza rejected and humiliated him, she used love talismans in order to make the girl come to him alone at night. The young czar wrote three talismans of which the first he threw into the fire, the second into the water and the third talisman into the wind. The magic is successful since at midnight under the influence of magical power Biser-Naza comes to his house door hysterically begging him to let her in. As the song mentions the czar opened the door for her only at dawn, made love to her and chased her away.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:47 pm

Visualisation practice

Wishing for something means focusing ones energy in a specific direction. For the energy to go in the desired direction as forcefully as possible, the thing that we wish must be focused on strongly. If we do not do this, our thoughts are not fully oriented in a specific direction and the spirit cannot function fully. That's why the basic thing among all magic rituals is to be fully focused on what is being done.

Every individual has unlimited energy and fascinating spiritual abilities, but they are usually not aware of them nor do they use them, because of simultaneous dissipation of energy on many, totally trivial things. It actually means that with full concentration on only one goal we can actually make that goal achievable. A focused beam of light always goes a longer way, illuminating better than an unfocused beam of the same force. The same goes for human thoughts. Therefore with all magical activities we really need to focus only on them and all other thoughts need to be removed at that moment. In order to achieve such a degree of concentration on only one thought, a lot of practice will be necessary. Using the method of visualisation is the most practical. That technique is known to us from the oldest magical times. Visualisation should be practiced constantly, since those that can use it immediately without practice are very rare.

In order to practice visualization, some simple items around us will do. A book for example. Not just any book, but the one that we favour the most and whose content already sparked our imagination and which made us "see" the describe characters somewhere in our subconscious mind as well as the events about which we read. In peace, in complete isolation without sounds which would distract us, one should observe the surrounding and then close his eyes and try and visualise it in their mind with all the remembered details. It is suggested to be in ones favourite and most comfortable clothes, in a relaxed position. The more details we can visualise with our eyes closed, the more successful the exercise is. One should practice with an item for several days, until we become competent to visualise the item as it is without looking at it. Initially we will only manage to visualise the shape of the item an some trivial details, but with time the details will be numerous.

When we successfully handled the visualisation of items, the practice should be continued with other simple items, we should also return from time to time to the first item to check if we are still able to visualise it; visualising it without ever looking at it.

In love magic the most important thing is that we can successfully visualise the character of our partner since that segment of magical activity is necessary for the success of numerous vows which are repeated during a specific period. We should focus our attention on the grimaces of the face during the practice since if we manage to visualise the figure of the partner who is crying or has painful grimaces we already did half of the spell. In order to master that part more easily we need to look at the photograph of our partner every day and carefully study his face and in contact to remember his or her voice, smile and other particularities which can help us to get into the visualisation more easily.

Why is it so important to master visualisation and focus? Perhaps the best explanation for that question comes from oriental magicians. Namely, in Arabic occultism it is pronounced that magic rituals have a direct link with the Jinn, etherised beings from the spiritual world, with whose intervention one can fulfil his wish formulated in an oath or ritual. A special type of Jinn under the name Karin (Qarin) has a dominant role in all love spells since through these Jinn's the humans are brought together but also separated. The belief in Karin stems from the old Egyptians which believed in Ka, human spiritual companion, considering it to be a spirit or even the soul. Karin is best described as an astral copy of a man which exists in the spiritual world which permeates our own, celestial world. When a wizard communicates, with special rituals, with the Karin of a specific person, he gains complete control over their thoughts and behaviour.

Focusing, visualising, choosing a favourable moment of the day and night and other occult rules we also come into contact with our Karin through which we establish an astral connection to the Karin of the person we want to influence. That's why it is so important to work on oneself and to follow the predetermined rules.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:56 pm

Time of magic activity

Unlike the classic occult rules according to which the time for magical activity and practice is determined according to hours over which one of the seven planets presides over, in Bosnian magic the time is determined solely on the movement of the sun and the moon. New moon, especially during first Friday after the moon phase, and the night of a full moon are favourable times for performing all love spells. Similarly, sunset and time after it until the midnight is full of occult charges and energy which the witches regularly use for programming their spells.

Weakening and disappearance of sunlight and the onset of dark strengthen the magic potential of spiritual forces with which we are surrounded. Here we are talking about forces which are concentrated in nature, in the sky and earth. The period of dusk, when day turns into night, is known from ancient times as the time when there is an exchange between the spells of the day with the spells of the night. That's why the entire practice of love magic is mostly concentrated on sunset and appearance of night and stars in the sky since that short period is the most ideal for realisation of any type of love spells.

Even though sun light is less represented in love magic there are rare opportunities when by chance a large amount of magical potential is created which the Bosnian witches often call the blessing of higher forces. The power of that blessing is to channel the thoughts i.e. the wish to be fulfilled. When it happens that at the same time the sun is shining and the rain is falling, according to Bosnian witches, the sky is traversed by dragons and they leave magical energy behind which should be used. All persons involved with magic and who are familiar with its secrets goes outside and standing under a roof utters the first Qur'an verse holding the palms turned towards the sky after which they utter their wish. It is usually uttered in a sentence of the following content: "I want all spells that I perform to be successful and to be realised quickly from beginning to the end!"

Of course one shouldn't disregard that every calendar month has its own magical potential through the change of day and night, movement of the sun and moon, however there are two months in a year for which the Bosnian witch claim to have the largest potential of all. The first of them is March for which it is believed to be ideal month for all types of love magic. Why is this month so magical that it is claimed that while it lasts even the most difficult cases can be subjected magically, especially problematic partners, the answer should be sought in the analysis of the folk calendar.

Namely, according to the folk calendar of Bosnia, especially of the north-western part, it is mentioned that in the middle of March i.e. towards the end of winter which is characterised by unstable weather conditions is governed by Baba (Grandmother) and right after her Did (Grandfather), seven days each. With a more detailed analysis those two folk characters which signify the names of Bogomil priest and his wife, i.e. love couple, one can go even further until the ancient time when these lands were inhabited by Illyrians, Celts, Romans and Greeks. All of them upheld the cult of fertility based on the worship of god and goddess, their holly unity and love out of which is again a born a god and the cycle is repeated each year. In that divine symbiosis and permeation there is undoubtedly an irrevocable love trance which awakens the nature and whose energetic charge can be directed by magic work towards the fulfilment of love desired. According to ancient Bosnian witchcraft the month of March is dedicated to goddess Mother or the lunar goddess.

The second month that favours successful usage of love spells and potions is the month of May, from the beginning until the middle of the month. While March is marked by a dominant influence of the goddess, May is undoubtedly dedicated to the god which is witnessed by the Bosnian folk calendar itself. Namely, May 6th which is observed by Christian and Muslim world as a holiday of St. George or two saints Ilias and Hidra is actually only a pagan holiday for the sun Beltane, which the Christians moved a few days forward so it can lose its pagan value. However, the customs and different love spells which are held in the practice of observance of this day are originally pagan especially the practice of lighting a fire at dawn, before sunrise, which is after all a clear sign of showing respect and welcome to the rising sun, whose symbol is fire. Beltane is among the Celts as well as other peoples observed as a holiday of the sun god and the beginning of the lighter part of the year. How much the first half of May is permeated by strong magical forces is best shown by one folk belief that a spell done during this period has the force to last for an entire year.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:59 pm

Test of success of magic

Even though magic knowledge is lost rapidly due to the development of technology and the change in traditional ways of life we can still find people who possess relatively good knowledge about Bosnian magic. We are usually talking about older women who would like to protect their privacy in order to avoid scrutiny from their surrounding and the risk that they could be identified as witches and thereby categorising them as persons who one should be distrustful of an afraid of.

One such person is clairvoyant Zuhra D. From Velika Kladuša, a lady in her sixtieth decade, who has a rich experience in foretelling destiny and also love magic. According to her no love ritual should be started before one performs a simple but dedicated ritual which reveals if its magically possible to influence someone or not.

When a woman wants to find out if her love magic will cause a desired effect will find in nature a hawthorn tree and will break off a larger branch which she will divide into three equal parts, size of about 10 cm. Then she will light a fire and wait for it to turn into ember. In the centre of that ember shill place vertically the first branch of hawthorn and she will name it by the name of the person she wishes to throw a spell at. From the right and left side, with a space of ten centimetres she will place the other two branches. One of those two branches she needs to choose to represent her. If during the burning process the branch in the middle, which carries the name of the man on which the love magic is aimed at, falls in the direction of the branch that the girl named after herself, then that represents a good sign since it discovers the possibility of influencing the desired person with the help of magical rituals. But, if the branch falls in the direction of the unnamed branch then every ritual is predetermined to fail. Then the only solution which is left is for the girl to seek help from a professional witch.

There are however very rare people on whom magic has a very weak or almost no effect at all. We are talking about mentally strong people, with particular spiritual strength, which they themselves, i.e. their soul collected during numerous incarnations. Among the Bosnian folk there exists a few beliefs about such people which I will mention this time because of curiosity and also a better understanding of the topic:

- A person born with a birth mark, usually it is a birthmark of a red colour, although it can be of a different colour as well.

- A person of "strong blood" - such term is used for people of darker hair, eyes and skin tone.

- A person born on the so called "Demon's day" or under a rare astrological influence.

Besides, a person can become unaffected by red magic even though it fulfils none of the above conditions. The only thing that such a person must possess is the habit that every time it gets hurt or cuts itself it drinks the blood from the wound that appears.

In this belief we find traces of ancient rituals according to which specific tribes and warlike people drank the blood of their enemies with the desire to take over their courage and power. Drinking their own blood points to the idea of renewal of life energy, regeneration and strengthening the spirit and the body.

From various types of magic, love magic as well, since the old days one could be protected by various types of amulets and talismans but among the Bosnian people it is believed that they don't offer any immunity from love potions. If a person drinks them in coffee, juice or some other drink they will soon fall under the influence of magic. Namely, as the local witches explain, the victims injects the magic with his own will, without being forces, in a relaxed state, using their own hand. Creating a so called confusing effect i.e. the protective effect of the amulet is not being triggered since there are no warning factors for its activation. The victim of magic is fully unaware of what is being offered to it and holing the drink in their hand and drinking it, usually while conversing, which usually happens in everyday life. During that time the love spell contained in the potion is spread through blood during the entire organism of the victim slowly talking over the psyche and will of the victim.

It is interesting to mention that a large number of people who were victims of love potions, according to Bosnian spiritual healers, complained of stomach pain. We all know that stomach pain is usually the by product of mental exhaustion which can be caused by various forms of stress but also magic. That's why one feels a sudden change in their thinking and also feelings towards a person which doesn't fit your personal profile of an ideal partner, all the while having constant or periodic stomach pain, you could ask yourself if you became a victim of red magic.
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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:01 pm

Dangers of practical work

Practicing red magic is not a harmless endeavour, because such type of occult practice is directly tied to the influence of man over another. All the things that you do to another person with the help of magic can be boomeranged onto you. The most common problem with a lot of people who performed love rituals unprofessionally was that they themselves felt the symptoms which the victim also felt: sudden attacks of desperation and panic, large lust and want, insomnia, headache, unrest and even shorter or longer periods of increased body temperature. Why is this so?

In order for us to better understand the complex working of magic on a human it is necessary to compare it to technology. Even though both function in a similar fashion i.e. they use energy as a moving force, technology has a clearly determined functional properties while the effect of magic can be reduced to precisely determined frameworks.

Energy which stems from magical practice cannot be fully controlled but also cannot be focused towards specific goal with a 100% precision. In occult theory energy created by sound, smell, image, thought in essence should be transported by visualisation and focus from one place to the other but in practice this is not always the case. Often on its way the magical energy finds comes across astral barriers which are created by certain unfavourable environmental effects or often it may happen that the energy doesn't go anywhere but stays in the same place i.e. with us. Because of that risk in a large numbers of descriptions of love rituals (oaths) we come across a part when the practitioner in the second part of the ritual lays his hands on the ground and utters a classic vow: Dark ground, by god the mother, this spell will not be tied to me or to you but to NN...

Such a ritual the practitioner clearly protects himself from eventual possibility that the spell i.e. its energy will be returned. Physical contact with the earth the practitioner purifies himself from the rest of the accumulated energy, produced during the ritual, in order to be sure that there is no danger of adverse effects.

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KomentarNaslov komentara: Re: BOSNIAN LOVE MAGIC   

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