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PostSubject: PALO MAYOMBE   Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:48 pm


On je vladar željeza, noževa, zaštite ali i rata, ima veliku snagu i svakom je čarobnjaku saveznik u bilo kakvom sukobu. Poznato je da Zarabanda uzrokuje sve vrste nezgoda i nesreća no njegova moć nije uvijek negativna. On naime vlada i poslom te se uz njegovu pomoć može brzo pronaći radno mjesto. On ne voli društvo žene koja ima menstrualni ciklus tako da svaki Paleros to mora imati na umu.
Zarabanda i Lucero su Nkisi koji prvi stupe u kontakt sa novim Palero ili Palera.

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Zarabanda je poznat i kao Sarabanda, Salabanda i Zumburanda. On je temperamentan, žestok, moćan. Svaki dar i ponuda mu se prinose u željeznim posudama. Voli rum, cigare, šibice. Boja su mu zelena i crna.

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PostSubject: Re: PALO MAYOMBE   Sat Jan 25, 2014 2:57 pm


On je božanski glasnik Nkisi i gopsodar raskršća. Vlada nad svom komunikacijom bilo da je ona ljudska ili duhovna. Njemu se svaki Palero praktičar mora prvo obratiti kako bi ostvario komunikaciju sa drugim duhovima. Lucero je također poznat i kao Lucero Mundo, Elegua Tata, Tata Elegwa, Nkuyu, Nfinda, Nkuyu Tata, Tata Nfinda, Aluvaha, Exu Pavena, Pombo-Ngira, Pambunguera, Pombo-gira, Bonbonjira, Tona i Cubango.
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PostSubject: Re: PALO MAYOMBE   Sat Jan 25, 2014 3:01 pm

The "Gods and Goddesses" of Palo
In Palo Mayombe, the "gods and goddesses" that the Palero worships and calls upon for help are called the Nkisi. The Nkisi are not gods in the strictest sense of the word, however; It is the Congo belief that they were among the first and most powerful ancestors placed on this world by Nzambi, the High God, and were later deified or raised to near diety status by the Congo people. While not all Paleros share this belief, it seems that this cosmology makes the most sense given the nature of the Congo religions.

Each Nkisi rules over a different aspect of life and nature. The Nkisi are housed in special pots that are called prendas or ngangas. The prenda also houses the Fumbi or Mpungos, 1 which are Spirits of the Dead who aid and serve the Nkisi as well as the Palero. Without the Nkisi and the Fumbi, the Palero is powerless.

There are many Nkisi, each with numerous Paths or caminos, but there are but a few major ones that are common to most Paleros, particularly those of the Corta Lima rama. Below is a list of some of the Nkisi and the work they perform:

Lucero: Lucero is the divine messenger of the Nkisi and the lord of the crossroads. He rules over communication, as well. Lucero was the first to recieve the mysteries of Magick from Nzambi, thus he must first be appeased before a Palero can approach any other Nkisi. He is considered childlike in many respects, and tends to be a bit of a trickster.

Lucero is also known as Lucero Mundo, Tata Elegua, Tata Elegwa, Nkuyu Nfinda, Tata Nkuyu, Tata Nfinda, Aluvai, Exu Pavena, Pombo-ngira, Pambunguera, Pomba-gira, Bonbonjira, Ton, and Cubango.

Zarabanda: Zarabanda is the hot-tempered ruler of iron and war. He is a powerful sorceror and the best ally one can have in any sort of conflict. Zarabanda is known to cause all types of accidents and misfortunes when angered. He also rules over employment and can be petitioned to help find work as well as defense. Zarabanda dislikes having mensturating women near his prenda, so Paleras have to mind their cycles very closely in order not to offend this Nkisi. Zarabanda and Lucero are the Nkisi most commonly recieved by a newly initiated Palero or Palera.

Zarabanda is also known as Sarabanda, Salabanda and Zumburanda.

Siete Rayos: Siete Rayos is the ruler of the lightning, thunder, and fire. He rules over Divine Justice and usually punishes those who have escaped established laws. He also deals greatly in sexual passions and is the personification of male energy, as well as a solar diety.

Siete Rayos is also known as Nsasi, Insancio, Mukiamamuilo, Zaze, Kibuco Kirbrico, and Kiassubangango.

Centella Ndoki: Centella rules of the Winds and the Gates of the Cemetary. She is considered the ruler of the Marketplace and things that go on there. Centella is very dangerous and hot tempered, but her ability to overcome Black Magick is very well known.

Centella is also known as Mama Wanga, Pungu Mama Wanga, Kariempembe and Yay Kngue.

Mama Chola: Mama Chola is the Spirit of the River. She rules over all things erotic and beautiful, as well as wealth. She is a powerful bruja when it comes to Love Magick, and it is said that anyone who works with her can have any mate they desire.

Mama Chola is also known as Wengue, Chola Wengue, Choya Wengue, and Mpungu Mama Wnga.

Tata Fumbi: This Nkisi rules over all diseases and is also the patron of homeless people, the sick or crippled, as well as beggars. Any Palero knows that helping a homeless person in need is a good idea, because it could be Tata Fumbi in disguise. It is said that Tata Fumbi can cure or cause nearly any disease, but is also known to bring wealth to those he smiles upon.

Tata Fumbi is also known as Kobayende, Coballende, Tata Kan, and Pata en llaga.

Tiembla Tierra: Tiembla Tierra is the Creator of the Earth, and the Ruler of all things white and fatherly. Tiembla Tierra rules over the rumbling earth, the hills and the mountains. He also is known as the patient ruler of mystics, but can also be a very strong warrior in some of his Paths.

Tiembla Tierra is also known as Mam Kengue, Yol, Yey and Ia aba.

Madre Agua: Madre Agua is the Sea Goddess and ruler of motherhood. She is considered a very gentle and loving force and the possessor of great healing powers. Madre Agua is the patroness of children as well as thier mothers.

Madre Agua is also known as Kalunga, Mam Kalunga, Pungo Kasimba, Mam Umba, Mbmba Mamba, Nkita Kiamasa, and Nkita Kuna Mamba.

Ngurufinda: This Nkisi rules over all trees, plants and herbs. Most work with herbs that is done by a Palero is for naught unless he seeks the aid of Ngurufinda first.

Ngurufinda is also known as Burufinda.

Brazo Fuerte: This powerful and fiery Nkisi is the embodiment of all violent earth forces, particularly that of volcanic eruptions. The volcanic lava is Brazo Fuerte's fiery breath that compells the earth to turn on it's axis. In some cases, he is seen as the solar god. He is well known for his intense and fiery temper. Brazo Fuerte is the ruler of fevers, high blood pressure, and auto accidents. He is also known to be very stealthy, moving in very long, measured steps.

Brazo Fuerte is also known as Cabo de Guerra.

Kadiempembe: Kadiempembe is considered by some to be the Congo "Devil" 3. He is very much feared, but equally respected, by many Paleros. He is a popular Spirit in Haitian Kimbisa, as well as other lineages, but he should never been taken lightly by anyone who works with him. His is considered raw power. Interestingly enough, Kadiempembe was once the High God of the Congo people, but was replaced at some point by Nzambi. This was most likely the result of "Christianization" attempts that had to create some Judeo-Christian order out of the Bantu Pantheon.

Kadiempembe is also known as Lukankazi, Lugambe and Nzambi Bilongo.

Palo Fuerte: Palo Fuerte deals heavily in Divine Justice and protection. He is well know to be somewhat unpredictable and vicious in performing his tasks. His nganga is relatively rare, and is considered by some to be the "police force" of the Congo pantheon, as well as a great hunter.

Palo Fuerte is also known as Cabo Rondo, Pena Branca, Nkuyo, Watariamba, Mutalomb, Gunza, Catalomb, Mutacalomb and Vence Batalla.

The Nkisi share many attributes with thier Yoruba counterparts, the Orisha. In turn, each Orisha corresponds with a Catholic Saint that was worshipped as an Orisha or Nkisi by the Yoruba and Bantu slaves in order to hide their beliefs from their Spanish Catholic masters.
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