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 Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers

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PostSubject: Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers   Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:53 pm

We live in a world of numbers. Literally, our every moment is predestined by them, therefore numbers one way or another constantly determine our faith, both individual and group. Numbers identify us, predetermine and guide. Qualify our luck and potentials. They are a symbol of time, all energy which rests in the infinitude of numbers is contained within them. Numbers denote how long our physical bodies exist, when certain important actions took place on a material level, and often it seems to us that it is their only purpose. But, it isn't like that. Remember, we are all different, there is no twin or physical doppelganger who can think identically and act like the one he wishes to copy. Yet, we are connected by various similarities since people are energies which permeate, match or repel each other.

We are all functioning on the principle of order, since energy, if it doesn't have its determined channels, dissipates and gets lost. For this reason even the oldest world myths state that there was once a disorder i.e. a lot of energy was dispersed throughout the universe, unconnected and unusable. Then the creators thought of bringing all that energy in order, give it a concrete meaning and shape. It is interesting that during that the forces of creation were of a smaller numerical range than the one they were up against, nonetheless the conflict itself spurred an action of unification and creation of harmony from which life sprung up. Even the name "ordinal numbers" tell us that they were created to bring order, they are sorted in such a way that every following number is stronger and larger yet in spite of that it cannot exist without the weaker ones, which precede them. This suggests to us that energy which is of a smaller volume always creates or moves the larger one. Ancient rule of the universe.
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PostSubject: Re: Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers   Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:15 pm

Answer for everything is inside of us

Coincidence in human lives do not exist! Everything that happens to us has its sense and concrete meaning. If we are here, on planet Earth, then it means that we are here on a specific mission which we must fulfil. Out of that fact we can easily conclude that neither our date of birth is a coincidence, but is positioned to an appropriate place. This is our start position whose numbers are not only a register of birth but an information about us, our character, potential, flaws and virtues. If we manage to decipher them correctly and order them we will manage to understand ourselves, realised through life which is the most important thing - be happy and content.

Scientists determined that based on extensive research, life circumstances affect luck by only 10% (1), for about 50% (5) genetics is to blame, while the remaining 40% (4) our mind plays a major role, i.e. how they interpret our everyday lives. Why am I mentioning these stats? For a simple reason - every change flows from us! And in order for it to take place we must be aware of ourselves, our flaws and virtues, in order to accept them and in the end use them to our advantage. Generally, it doesn't sound like something unattainable. But, here awaits our first issue.

People are more and more prone to blaming bad karma and debt that they carry for their failures. Karmic debt doesn't refer to the entire human life but only to one period or even one event i.e. person, and it is represented in the numerical card by number 1 - which is a symbol of heritage. It is a starting number and it appears in the numerological circle right behind number 9 which is a symbol of foetus and new life. In Bosnian numerology number 1 is a symbol of luck (nafaka), whose symbology was determined towards traditional beliefs that God himself (number 1 i.e. monotheism) bestowed luck to humans. Will we know how to use this luck is primarily up to us, our mind and subconscious, better yet, our thoughts and thinking patterns.

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PostSubject: Re: Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers   Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:21 pm

How numbers are analysed

Numbers are analysed in various ways, they have numerous meanings and reveal events both in an individual's life as well as worldly events. Of course, everything that I say here is only a small fraction of a large mantic discipline called numerology. There are dozens of systems of interpretation and analysis which are based on various directions and every one of them have their quality and uniqueness. But, you have the opportunity to read something about Bosnian numerology which in certain segments of interpretation differs significantly from the classic one based on astrology. Roots of Bosnian numerology are found, first of all, in the mantic discipline of bean divination, which is in turn based on a numerological division of the number of beads in horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions and the circle of destiny i.e. Bosnian horoscope. A smaller portion of knowledge about numerology comes from traditional and religious beliefs, which in a subtle way are complemented with dominant segments of favomancy and horoscope signs.

When analysing someone's date of birth, then all numbers are reduced to single digit numbers, for example, for someone born on 10.11.1947. we calculate in the following way: 1+1+1+1+9+4+7=24, 2+4=6. Six in Bosnian numerology is the number of the mother which is overly dominant or passive, it always represents a problematic relationship which lacks emotions or we're talking about a dominant parent who is the main culprit of insecurity and complexes. If number 8 appears as the final number then we are talking about the father. Then this information is tied and combined with all those represented by the numbers in five rows and in such a way one reveals potential and weaknesses of an individual; and detect areas of success, harmony, etc. What is particularly important is the analysis of numbers which are missing or which are too pronounced. That numerological deformation creates unnecessary loss of energy or blocks the individual in certain life areas and creates great difficulties for him. A unique method called "movement of numbers" was found very successful in treating the issue of bringing a person into harmony, who has pronounced numbers or missing numbers. We will discuss this technique later.
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PostSubject: Re: Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers   

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Bosnian numerology - human destiny in numbers
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